Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not much new

Still no idea what's up with his liver. But he has hit 7 lbs! My guess is that he's probably around 7 1/2 lbs right now. :D

I think I'm giving up on breastfeeding though. :( It makes me super sad, but I'm pretty much completely dry. Plus, on breast milk, he doesn't gain weight. Regardless, I still really want to, but like I said, I'm dry. I guess I'll be a little more experienced for my next kids though. Still kills me. :( And on top of all that, I freaking love my LC! I'm gunna miss her a ton. Trying to decide if I should continue to attend the LLL meetings. Sarah (leader) told me to please feel welcome to keep doing so, but I feel a little awkward, since they can all breastfeed their babies/toddlers. Even though I loved going to those too. I don't know, maybe after meeting with my LC tomorrow I'll become inspired to keep trying, who knows. I'm just losing faith that I'll be able to do it. He doesn't want to do it even, he's been spoiled by the bottle. And I've had thrush that I can't kick. So pumping is painful (as is hand expressing), and I don't even get anything. And he won't really even latch, with or without the shield. And then when he won't, I get so upset everytime that I end up crying. I have an SNS, but if he doesn't latch, then what good does it do me?

I've been using some gDiapers that Sabrina gave me (thanks!), and just have been sticking some fold up prefolds in them. Love them! I haven't dived in full force yet, since he's still a little small to really wear them, but he's getting there! I try to use them at home, either when he's wearing a shirt or a bigger onesie, since they're not as trim as disposable diapers and kinda stretch out his newborn onesies. :( Only thing I don't like about them. Other than that, fantastic! I'm just not ready to retire his newborn onesis yet. He's just started fitting perfectly in them not long ago! So not yet. Plus I'm pretty sure mom isn't ready for cloth. Not sure she ever will be. But yeah, I don't use them anywhere but home during the day so far, just b/c he's too small still and they tend to leak a little. Actually they've only leaked once, and he was laying on his side with me. So I guess his winky went with him haha. They look so cute on!



See what I mean??? Just the cutest thing. :)

I have some new pictures of him smiling, I'll have to upload them later though. Too lazy! :D Plus don't want to disturb my sleeping angel who's napping in my lap. I love my cuddlebug! <3

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm horrible at this whole blog thing haha

Well now to play catch up!

Sacred Heart did tests and decided to send me to Shands Hospital in Gainsville. The other week we went back there and Blake had a liver biopsy done. He doesn't have biliary atresia, so yay! :D He does have some form of liver disease, but I don't know what kind yet...don't know that the doctors know either. I've also started taking Blake to an actual pediatrician, Dr. Tartarilla. Amazing doctor! :D

Going to Sacred Heart only worsened the breastfeeding problems though. :( I almost had him onto the breast, but then when we went there the told me to quit nursing so they could tell exactly how much he was getting. Since then my supply has been dropping lower and lower. Now I can hardly even get him onto the breast with the shield even. This is a problem, since I now have an SNS and I kind of need him on the breast for it to work. I need him at the breast so he can stimulate it. Now when I express I can only get about 10 mL combined. That's horrible! I can't even pump anymore b/c it's too painful. So I've just been hand expressing everything. I just don't want to give up, I want so badly to be another success story with breast feeding. I got him to nurse with the breast shield for about 15 minutes today, so that was awesome. But I haven't been able to get him back on after that. I've been seeing an LC out in Pensacola. Her name is Susan and she's just the sweetest thing ever! I went yesterday and Blake weighed 6 lbs 6.6 oz (666 anyone?). He's finally starting to gain weight at a normal pace. Good thing, I mean he's 11 weeks and that's all he weighs. But just two weeks ago he was only 5 lbs 9 oz. So it's improvement. :)

I'm really wanting to make the switch to cloth diapers. I have two gpants and liners, thanks to Sabrina. :) So I can officially try it out now. Well, kinda. He doesn't really fit yet I don't think, but I think I'm going to try anyway. :D And I have my moby wrap now, and i just LOVE it. And I've gone back to work. It's okay, I just miss Blake tons during it. :( And I want a bigger diaper bag, since it seems that mine keeps shrinking, haha. Idk, I seem to always be wanting something.

For some reason I really feel like cooking. Its weird! Like I'm just having this huge urge to be a house wife all of a sudden lol. And I'm in a catch 22. Like, I want to move out and have space for everything, but at the same time I don't want my mom to miss out on any of Blake's growing up. Enh, not like I can afford to move out anyway, but still. Oh well, guess I have plenty of time to do it lol.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

not so great news...

well, me and blake are at sacred heart. he got admitted the day before yesterday. we're trying to find out why he's not gaining hardly any weight (even though he eats well and has good amounts of diapers) and why he's still jaundiced at 7 weeks. they've done a lot of tests and so far they've found that his liver shows irritation on one of the blood tests, so now they're doing a million other tests to try and see what's wrong with his liver. depending on what it is, it could be the answer to both mysteries. also depending on what's wrong, he may need surgery. god i hope not.

to be continued i suppose. :(

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

it's been a while, sorry!

So Blake is now six weeks old. Where has all the time gone??? He's getting so big. Well, kinda. He's still itty bitty, but he's bigger than he was six weeks ago lol. He can already roll over from his tummy to his back, starting around 3-4 weeks. He's so strong! And he's kinda starting to smile. :) Working on it anyway, he doesn't do it too much right now, but I'm hoping that maybe it's just because he was born three weeks early. I just really wanna see his beautiful smile more regularly. Regardless, I love him so much.

The doctors are worried that he's not gaining enough though. Last week he was up to 4 lbs 14.8 oz, but still that was at exactly six weeks. He should be gaining faster than that. Tomorrow I'm bringing him back for a weight check, so I'm hoping that he's over five pounds now. That'd be cool. :)

Breast feeding is getting easier. Kinda. He still won't latch without the shield, but he's getting more proficient at the whole sucking thing. I've eliminated bottles too, so he hasn't had any in I think four days. :) And no formula for three, almost four days. Woo! :D But now he pretty much nurses all day. For real. That's pretty much all he does. At least my supply seems good, but I need to start saving some up for when I go back to work. Really I think I only need to save enough for the first day, and then I can just use what I pumped at work for the next day I work. Luckily she's only starting me out on two-three days a week. I go back the first of October. Not looking forward to it. But Blake's expensive and I definitely need to make money. Anyway, I've started seeing a lactation consultant to help me and Blake out, and I've started going the the La Leche League meetings. I love them! They make me feel like I'm not alone in my struggles. :)

So I didn't plan on it, but I've kinda gotten into attachment parenting. I co-sleep with Blake, he doesn't like to sleep any other way, plus I can respond to him quicker. I hold him all the time and I'm going to get a wrap so that I can do so hands free (can't wait!). I was only planing to breast feed for the first year, but I might go longer, like maybe two, three years. I don't know, I'll see how I feel about it then. I'm kinda wanting to check into cloth diapering too. Well, I've already checked into it, but I can't try it until he's bigger unless I wanted to use prefolds, which i don't really, so I'm just gunna wait. Besides, it'll be nice to use up most of these disposable diapers that everyone got me.

Blake can almost fit into newborn clothes now. :) A lot of them are still pretty big on him, but his preemie sleepers are too small on him now (he's so long!), so it's kind of an awkward stage, clothing wise. His preemie onesies and pants still fit, and he's starting to fit better into his newborn onesies (well, only some of them). He's getting there though.

Finally, now it's picture time. :) These were from 3 weeks, and he's getting his one month pictures soon, I think next week sometime. Yay! I'm so excited, I hope he cooperates. ♥


Friday, August 14, 2009

Blake Konnor :D

sorry it took so long to post! Blake arrived at 4:13 am on friday, july 31, 2009. :D he came out in only four pushes! not too bad. he was actually considered full term when i had him, since that day i was officially 37 weeks.

but omg, i love him so much! i can't even imagine life without him now. when they pulled him out it was like slow motion, they had him by his little legs and took him away when he was first born into the other room to examine him. he's so tiny, but so strong and so beautiful. he breaths just fine, and when i heard his little cries i started tearing up too. he screamed until they let me hold him, at that point i started talking to him and he was quiet, and just stared into my eyes. it was so precious, i don't think i'll ever forget such a beautiful moment. i think that had to be the happiest moment of my entire life. i get teary eyed just thinking about it. :)

i can't believe he's officially 2 weeks old! oh how time flies. oh he looks so much like me. :) it's precious. i got to take him home at four days old. they kept him a little longer because he had jaundice, but it's much better now. it just broke my heart to leave him though. :( so glad that's over with!


tuesday, august 11th, blake's umbilical cord stump fell off. he's an innie!!!

thursday, august 13th, i placed him on his stomach, and he rolled onto his complete side. probably could've rolled onto his back if he really wanted to, but he prefers his side. :D

i'm loving being a mommy even more than i thought i would. :D

Thursday, July 30, 2009

36 weeks! :D

so blake will be born later today. :) i can't believe it!!! they're inducing me. i have an ultrasound at 8:30 and then after that i'm getting induced. wow! it hasn't really sunk in yet. and my last day as a pregnant woman i spent cleaning like crazy haha. oh well, the house looks better at least. definitely wasn't restful like everyone told me to do....oh well. i'll get plenty of rest laying in the hospital bed waiting for the contractions to pick up....i hope. lol, idk i guess i'll update everyone on how it goes!!! wish me luck, no epidural, so hope i can handle it! can't wait to meet you blake konnor. :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

35 weeks!

so the last appointment went much, much better. we saw him doing lots of simulated breathing, which is awesome. and he did good in the non-stress test (NST). and they're gunna try to let me deliver him vaginally, so yay. but if it's too much for him then they'll take him c-section (as with any baby). i'm gunna go to sacred heart twice a week now, and they'll continue to monitor him and do the NST. they said if my fluid gets below 5 cm then they'll induce me then, but i guess it's already starting to diminish, which is a natural sign that labor is coming. but he said there's still a good amount there. so it was a good appointment, something i REALLY needed. i feel so much better about everything. :)

i can't believe he'll be here so soon though! either this week or next week i'll be a mom. :) and he's dropped even more, i didn't even know that was possible. i just hope he's okay. but since he gets hiccups all the time now, that tells me he's swallowing (plus i've seen him swallow on an ultrasound) and he sucks his thumb, so that's kinda the basics of breast feeding. the doctor at the appointment didn't seem too concerned with his ability to breast feed, so i'm hoping that all goes fine. i also kinda hope that they don't have to induce me and that he just comes on his own. but i've been having signs still that it's not far off, so he's wanting out too. either way, it wont be much longer. :)

the room is almost done too, and i've finally packed my hospital bag. i still need to wash all of his things though. i procrastinate clearly too much lol. but his crib is together and his bassinet and all that. :) i just can't wait to finally hold my beautiful baby boy n my arms.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

34 weeks 4 days!

so i had a doctor's appointment at sacred heart today. can you say stressful???

i got there and they did the ultrasound. well they were saying that his heart didn't look any better and that he was small (he weighed 3 lbs 11oz, which is only one more pound from four weeks ago. average babies weigh about 5 lbs this week. it's probably b/c of the cord). so they were talking about inducing me today and me having blake. actually they were also saying that i might have to go to st. petersburg (a seven hour drive) to deliver him, b/c they have heart surgeons there that could do surgery on him when he was born if they needed to, and they don't here. so i had to get hooked up and have a non-stress test done on blake and to monitor if i was having any contractions (i think i had one, but not a bad one). well after about an hour we finally passed that test, and had to meet with a pediatric cardiologist around 2:30. she did another, more detailed u/s on blake, and his heart is fine. i was so, SO relieved. he's just been in a really bad position to where it makes the left pulmonary artery look small. so i have to go back on friday, not sure why though. i don't think they're inducing me yet though. but they did say either way i'll be going into labor soon anyway. i'm just glad he's not going to have to have surgery or anything.

i think they are still inducing me though, b/c he's so small. they want me to feed him so that he can get enough nutrients. i guess restricted fetal growth is seen in about 15% of sua. i'm just glad i have some more time to prepare for him. he's gunna be soo tiny! wish me luck at my next appointments though.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

34 weeks!

so wow, so much has happened! well not tons, but enough to make a difference. at 33 weeks, 4 days i lost my mucus plug! usually that means labor is within two weeks. eek! nothing yet, but i've definitely been having signs that he'll be here soon. he's been dropping like crazy. like now it's uncomfortable to sit b/c he's putting so much pressure down there and such. the only way i can comfortably sit is if i lean back a lot (like i am now). and i've been nesting like crazy. and on top of all that, the contractions are getting more frequent and some of them are uncomfortable. so i think he'll be here soon. :) i just hope he waits a little longer. luckily his room is just about done, so yay! so exciting. mom painted the walls today (i was gunna help, but she didn't want me breathing in the fumes), and i LOVE the paint! lol it's soo cute!

so on tuesday i go to sacred heart for my next ultrasound, most likely my last one, and then on thursday i have my next appointment and i also have the epidural class. i don't want to have an epidural, but i want to have the class just in case i need one. or change my mind and decide i want one. then on the 30th of this month i have my breast feeding class. wonder if i'll be able to make it that long lol. guess we'll see!

oh and at 33 weeks 5 days i had maternity pictures done. here are those:

Monday, June 29, 2009

32 weeks!

wow, almost there!!!

so the baby shower was fun, had a pretty good turn out and got plenty of gifts. ended up not being able to have it in the banquet room (which kinda sucked, but they had to get the floors redone and the only day the guy could do it was that day), and it would've been better i think if we could've. and the cake was late getting there, and it definitely wasn't worth the price we paid for it. :/ but oh well, everyone said they had a fun time anyway. :)

he's definitely getting bigger, i can tell you that much. :) it's awesome. and we almost have the whole room for me and blake cleared out, so then we just need to paint, put floors down, and set everything up. :) i'm so excited!!! i wanna work on it so bad. :)

so these two weeks have been pretty uneventful. just things as usual. i still think he's in the same head down, facing right position, which is very good. :) he can stay in that position, that's how i need him to be haha.

so just a little update on how everything's been going. and for the weekly belly pic:


Thursday, June 18, 2009

30 weeks!

so i went to sacred heart the day before yesterday and had another ultrasound to access his growth and his heart. everything it pretty much fine. the right vessel in his heart is on the "small side of normal," so i have another u/s at 34 weeks. this one will be at the first location though, since 1) they didn't have any appointments available at the closer one and 2) they said they have a bunch of heart specialists at that one so they can have them around "just in case." real comforting, huh? but i think everything will be okay. the doctor even said that he thinks that he's fine, just better safe than sorry. and i agree.

but good news, he's head down! :) he's been like that for a few weeks (i thought he was transverse b/c of where he kicks, but that's just his legs are), so hopefully he'll stay that way until i have him. :) and he's 2 lbs 10 oz so far. woo! he's getting so big! i guess this week average babies are about 3 lbs, maybe a little over. he's sooo cute though. i can't wait to meet him. :)

i've been going to the child birth education classes, and they're actually really informative. the other day we toured labor and delivery, and it's actually really nice where i'm delivering, so i'm excited. :D i mean, i was gunna deliver there regardless, but it's nice to have great facilities. :)

andddd i broke up with ryan (baby daddy). things just weren't working out. we had a good run i guess though lol. i just feel relieved though. don't really know if he does or not. but we're still on good terms.

now we're really working on the room too. just about there. sort of. tomorrow we're working on it hard core. i have work tomorrow night, so i'll be there for part of it, but i'm gunna help out while i'm home. :) i can't wait!

we've also been working a lot on the baby shower. that's going to be june 27th, so excited about that as well. we went to pick out the cake yesterday, and believe me, it's going to be sooo cute! i'll be sure to take a lot of pictures. :)

and now, for my 30 week belly shot!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

28 weeks! :D

so the 4D ultrasound was last week, loved it!!! so worth it to get the DVD of it. it's my new favorite movie. i've watched it everyday so far. :) he is just the cutest little thing. he sucks his thumb! and we saw him yawn and rub his eye, open his eye, he's just the cutest thing ever. i can't wait until he's here! getting so close. :)

updates that have happened: i've been getting more braxton hicks contractions, but luckily they don't hurt me. :) and i've been leaking a little bit of colostrum. i can only tell b/c it's making marks on my dark bra lol. hopefully nursing will be a breeze. and i've noticed that he's dropped a little bit, but not a whole lot. i'm still carrying pretty high. and i now have a mommy car lol. i finally sold my bug and am now the proud owner of a dark gray 2009 chevy equinox. woo!

i had a doctor's appointment today. blake had the hiccups when they were listening to his heartbeat so we got to hear that too. :) how cute. i'm measuring a little small, 26 weeks, but that's kinda expected since i'm so small. i'm now 122 pounds, woohoo! so that means that i've gained a total of 19 pounds so far. and no diabetes!!! all of my levels for stuff look good and she said to keep on doing what i've been doing. :) she's hoping i deliver at 38 weeks, which is the first week in august. which i'm totally fine with haha. i got to pre-register for my admittance into the hospital today too so wow. it's getting so close!!! i just want to hold him in my arms. ♥

so, without further ado, here are my favorites from the 4D ultrasound.

his little foot!


his hand is by his face. :)

hand by face

his little mouth is open. i lovvve this one.

mouth open

that's my little thinker! he's already a genius. i think he's planning his escape lol.


him sucking his thumb! could he get any cuter???

thumb sucking

and then my 28 week picture. yay for seven months!

28 weeks :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

26 weeks! :D

i know, i know, i've been slacking a lot. just been so busy trying to get this new car so i can not put carseat in my bug haha. but blake's been getting bigger and that's awesome. for a couple of days he found my sciatic nerve and had lots of fun kicking it...well, fun for him, NOT for me lol. that hurt. a lot. i'm just glad he tired of that habit quickly. :)

i think tonight i finally had my first braxton hicks contraction! well first one i noticed lol. i didn't really feel much, just i thought i felt a little something, assumed that maybe he just moved or something, but when i touched my belly it was hard all over, like more than i think he would be able to cover. so that's cool! :)

he's so cute. a few nights ago i stuck a reese's peanut butter cup on my belly and was telling blake to kick it, and he did! he couldn't kick it off, but it was fun watching it bob up and down. he pretty much kicks at anything on my belly. for example, i have one of those bebe' sounds prenatal listeners (haven't found his heart beat yet though), and no matter where it is, he kicks right at the receiver. i had it up by my belly button, and he started kicking at it, so i moved it down closer to around my pubic bone, and without missing a beat he started kicking there too. he's just so smart lol, so now it's kinda a game we play. i like to kind of have an interactive game to play with him before he's even born. haha the other day i said "okay blake, if you want mommy to get this new car, kick me!" and sure enough he started kicking me! i was like whoa! lol i love it. :)

ahhhh one more week until my 4D ultrasound! it's so exciting! i can't waitttt. i just can't believe that i'm this far along already. i like pregnancy a lot. :)

and now for the 26 weeks picture, or six and half ever you're counting! it looks smaller than the 24 week pic, but that's mainly b/c i ate a lot on that day, and not as much today. enjoy!

26 weeks :D

Thursday, May 7, 2009

another cute one!

 Pregnancy Ticker

oh how time flies. :) and now for some cute icons:

Sunday, May 3, 2009

24 weeks :D

sorry i kinda skipped week 23, busy busy week, but now school is finally over. :) and omg i'm growing by leaps and bounds! i love it! i actually had my first person ask when i was due without me saying anything about being pregnant for the first time! :D it was pretty exciting. i'm so glad that i've finally made it to six months! and blake is still super active. it's so cute! if fact he's kicking me right now hehe. :) and i finally got it on video last night!

24 weeks! :D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Friday, April 17, 2009

22 weeks!

so yesterday was the ultrasound and it is in fact a two vessel umbilical cord. which means that i'm now considered a high risk pregnancy. so far everything looks good though, he got a fetal echocardiogram along with the ultrasound and the doctor said that right now everything sounds perfect. but yay for more ultrasounds! we FINALLY got a profile shot, he is so cute. looks like me still so far haha. and he weighs 13 ounces right now. getting so big! :) oh and he got his first case of hiccups this morning. i can't wait for him to get them again! so without further ado, here are the pics from yesterday! (21 weeks 6 days)

here is his face. and an eyeball lol. looks like my chin!

21 weeks thumbnail

good news! still a boy! so i can keep all this boy stuff hehe. :)

21 weeks thumbnail

profile! and his cute little hand up by his face. so cute.

21 weeks thumbnail

another profile! looks like mine too!

21 weeks thumbnail

and last but not least, my belly at 22 weeks!

22 weeks! :D

Saturday, April 11, 2009

21 weeks! :D

well at the end of last week mom felt him moving, the first one to do so other than me. it was so exciting! and then ryan felt him kick today, and boy did he kick hard that one time. he's so active, i can't wait until he's here!

so at the ultrasound they weren't able to get a good view of the umbilical cord, so they're not sure if he only has two vessels instead of three in it. i'm going to pensacola on the 16th for a level 2 ultrasound to make sure everything is okay, i hope it is. on the bright side though, mom will finally get to see an updated ultrasound of blake! so that's kinda exciting, but still i hope everything is fine and that he does in fact have a three vessel cord. if it was only two vessels everything would probably still be okay, but they would just have to watch me closer. here's to hoping.

i'm finally showing a little bit more, even though some days i look way more pregnant than others lol, and today is one of those days.


Friday, April 3, 2009

20 weeks! :D

well, it's official, it's a boy!!!! i'm having a little blake konnor. shopping for him today was so much fun. i really wanted a girl, but i guess i'll just try again next time. :) i ate a sugar cube before i went, and wow he was active. he went from breech, to cephalid, to transverse. all in a little less than an hour. but he's beautiful. and we almost couldn't tell the sex. too much movement, and the umbilical cord was between his legs the whole time. the heartbeat is now 140. i got to see him swallowing and the tech said he was picking his nose lol but i would like to say that he was sucking on his thumb or fingers. i cannot wait to meet him. :)

so this is his cute little face, complete with one hand above his head and another right next to his face:

thumbnail face!

and this is proof he's a boy:

thumbnail boy

and this is a foot! looks just like my feet. :) it's so amazing!

thumbnail foot

he's just so beautiful! and a cute profile, even though we didn't get a picture of that.

and this is as big as i've gotten so far, at my halfway point (yeah, that's it lol):

20 weeks!

well as of right now that's about all i have to update on. :)

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

19 weeks :)

so far in only three more days i'll be half way through and HOPEFULLY i'll know the gender. :) i can't wait!!! i just want to see the baby again in general. i think i finally popped. my belly is way bigger than what it was last week. i just woke up one day and it was there. about time!

i'm one of those girls who love being pregnant lol. i love watching my self grow and know that i'm harvesting a sweet bundle of joy at the same time. as much as i love being pregnant though, i can't wait to actually be a mom. i want to hold this baby in my arms so bad. i feel so sappy yesterday, i was watching these birthing shows and when the mom had the baby i started tearing up real bad haha. i just can't wait to experience that miracle.

so anyway not much has happened this week. just same old same old. a little more movement this week, but that's about it. i just can't wait until friday. not sure if you could tell or not haha. the only downside to growing is that my lower back hurts now, all the time. that part isn't fun. but my appetite is growing so that part is fun! :D i love eating haha. and i finally started to gain weight like i need to so yay. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

18 weeks :)

so the other day i felt baby's first hard-ish kicks. i even felt a couple on the outside! now i just need her to start moving more so others can feel it, since it's just sporadically that i feel the movements now. still exciting though. :) so only ten more days from now and i'll find out the gender. still hoping for a little girl, but if it's a boy i'll love him all the same.

i think i'm nesting already! lol i want to decorate for the baby so bad. okay, that's probably not nesting, that's probably just me being me lol, but stillll. but there's lots of cleaning to do first so that's kind of a problem, dunno where to start! not to mention i'm always at school or work, or having to do tons of homework, i never have time. :( i think they're finally cutting me down to like four days a week at work, which feels like a big break to me actually lol. i'm just ready for school to be out. next week is spring break, which really won't be a break for me since i'll still be working lots and at least a couple of my classes have work planned for us during that break. ugh. i'm just so worn out, i'm ready for summer! where i have no homework lol. i'm rambling now though lol.

i'm finally starting to "pop." still not big, but at least i'm starting to show a little more. :) about time!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

17 weeks!

so nothing really new this week. well i've felt baby kicking more, but other than that, nothing. but, i do have a new belly picture! :)

17 weeks :)

yep, looks almost exactly the same as two weeks ago. maybe a smidge bigger. lol oh well, i'll be happy for my smallness later on. i can't wait for april 3rd! i want to know the gender sooo bad. :) i can't believe that i'm almost halfway through the pregnancy. sure doesn't feel like it. and i sure don't look like it haha.

Monday, March 9, 2009

16 weeks :)

so i felt baby's kicks today!!! they felt like little flicking, so cute. she did it a few times, stopped, and then did it again a few min later. :) i wish she was bigger so that i could feel it more!

oh and i went to tj maxx today and got some stuff haha. sure hope it's a girl! i'm gunna hate returning all this cute stuff lol.

ugh morning sickness came again today. it seems like once every two weeks. blah. i'm ready for it to just vanish all together.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

15 weeks :)

so i had my second prenatal appointment today. the baby sounded perfect, and the heart rate was 160 BPM. :) according to old wives tales over 140 is a girl. so maybe girl? lol i hope!

and i guess i havent even gained a full pound since last time. i was surprised! i thought sure i've gained like 2 or 3 pounds since then. i mean, this is almost six weeks later! at first it was 105.9, and now today i was 106.7. i've been eating plenty. so idk, but my OB said she's not worried about it at all, and that she'd rather me gain lots of weight at the end. so if she's not worried then i'm not either. i'm eating all the time and i'm trying to eat healthy and taking my prenatal vitamins every day, so i'm not sure what else to do.

and at first my blood pressure shot through the roof. of course i had just ran up the stairs to the OB department, so i was still halfway out of breath and those tests always make me nervous anyway lol. but my hand fell asleep during it and was turning purple, which has never happened. i was kinda getting worried. but then she took it again on the other arm and none of those things happened and the numbers were much better. lol i was starting to get worried that i had preeclampsia or something. but i guess i dont, so yay!

i'm getting a little bigger, or more so i'm starting to look more pregnant that just fat. which i'm happy about. :)

15 weeks! :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

14 weeks :)

hello second trimester! supposedly i'm now supposed to be gaining a pound a week...idk if i can do i'm worried that i just wont. but now baby is growing fast and bigger so i'm hoping (s)he will help me out. :) now for the most exciting news of all: i believe i've felt flutters! they're just very faint and don't last too long, but i'm pretty positive that's what they are. i talked to mom about it and she thinks that's what they are. they feel like the butterflies that you get in your stomach, but in my uterus. :) lol it almost tickles, makes my wanna do something about it, but its from the inside so i cant lol. either was i'm so excited by it. i can mainly only feel it when i'm relaxing, not really when i'm standing or moving around. i love it though. tomorrow i have my second appointment with my new parent support program, at 1030 in the morning lol. so early. and then next week on march 4th i have my next doctor's appointment. there they're going to listen to the heartbeat. but no ultrasound. :( i wish! i guess i'll have to just be patient and wait for the week after my bday. lol

Sunday, February 15, 2009

13 weeks

aww, almost done with my first trimester. i'm so excited! and i'm just getting bigger. >.< and i finally uploaded belly pics from camera lol so yay. :) i've decided to not get the triple screen test. if they ended up having to do an amniocentesis i wouldn't want them to, since there's a small chance of miscarriage and i'm not willing to take that chance. plus there's a high result of false positives, so i'm like no thanks.

anyway, lets watch me grow!!! haha.

4 weeks:
4 weeks pregnant

9 weeks:
9 weeks pregnant

13 weeks (current!):
13 weeks pregnant i just look fat lol. but that's okay, it's all totally worth it. :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

12 weeks

almost to the second trimester! and still no more morning sickness. :) so my next appointment is march 4th, and that's just where i'll hear the heartbeat, but no ultrasound. :( but i'll have an appointment to just get an ultrasound (and hopefully find out the sex) at the end of march. it's taking forever! and i'm starting to show some. i mean if you looked at me you wouldnt be able to really tell i don't think. i've just noticed that i'm a bigger. and pants aren't as comfortable. but man, i've been so bloated lately. i look way more preggo thanks to that. exhibit A:

yeah, i'm not usually that size though. this is how big i really am, w/o being bloated:

see, a little better. :) either way i'm just excited. and tired. oh i've been so tired. and there's so much to do, so much homework and i still have to work all the time....ugh. oh well, i'll get by. i'll be more tired when baby gets here.

and i've decided on where i'm going to get the 4D ultrasound at. i'll probably get it around the end of may. everything seems so far away! but hopefully time will fly. so far it actually kinda has been flying by. :) thank god. i want to meet my little one!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

11 weeks

Well i'm eleven weeks and four days today :). i had an appointment with the new parent support group today, and the lady was really nice so that's cool. :) AND no more morning sickness!!! yay!!! and i have my appetite back. :) but now i'm always hungry and i'm afraid that i'll end up gaining too much weight. :( i hope not though, and i'm trying to eat healthy. but i'm almost done with the first trimester! woo hoo! oooh but am i ever tired. and bloated. but not really a belly yet (except at night when i'm really bloated). but i can feel my hard uterus through my pelvis. :) that's exciting. umm, other than that not much happening this week.

Friday, January 23, 2009

10 weeks

so i had my first appointment today and found out that i'm actually 10 weeks today, instead of 9 weeks and 6 days, so my ticker is one day off. :) but i had my ultrasound and got to listen to the heart beat. i just about started crying, it was the most beautiful thing that i've ever heard. and the baby is just perfect. good, strong heart beat, so active, (s)he kept wiggling and kicking, it was so cute. i just can't believe how active (s)he is! i wasn't expecting so much movement, it was the most touching thing that i have ever experienced. even more i still can't believe that little miracle is living within me. it's just so amazing.

the baby's heart beat!
thumbnail 2

all the little arms and legs accounted for!
thumbnail 5

how cute! the little belly, head, arms, legs, perfection
thumbnail 3

i'm in love
thumbnail 4

maybe the back of the baby?
thumbnail 1

side view!