Monday, March 15, 2010

good news, less good news.

So a little while ago we got back the levels from his last blood test. His direct bilirubin is 5, which is awesome since in January it was 7.9. It's going down! I thought it was, but it's nice to see the numbers as proof. A little less than good news, his cholesterol level was 953. Normal is 100. It's not as high as some kids with AGS, but definitely higher than normal. No xanthomas still, so that's good. Hopefully it stays that way! I have noticed him itching though. :( Poor baby! It's not ruining his life yet or anything, but if his chest is uncovered, or his genitals or his legs, he just scratches away. I'm hoping it will soon get better rather than worse. Well of course I do, haha. Anyway, not only does he only have to go to Gainesville every three months, but now he only has to go to his pediatrician every month! We were going every two weeks. Finally, things are starting to slow down a bit. Now I just need to get physical therapy to rethink this weekly thing. :)

Blake LOVES solids now. It's so cute! He just gobbles them up. :) Which is cool, since someone told me that AGS kids a lot of times are on a liquid diet until they're ten years old! That's crazy! And he's trying so hard to crawl. He's been getting into the crawling position and rocking. So exciting! He's super mobile though, he's got his combat crawl down so well, and he's into absolutely everything, especially things that he should be, of course! Haha.

So in general things are just going really good. :) Besides the itching thing. It could be worse though. On top of that, things with Ray has been going great. :) I wish I didn't have to work so much, since I miss Blake so much. :( Hopefully that will get better soon too. We'll see. :)


Monday, March 8, 2010

Things just keep getting better!

So we went to Gainesville today. The doctor said that he looks like he's getting even better, so yay! AND, we don't have to go back there for three months!!! Yay! And because of that, now we can go to Arkansas for spring break. :) We have some family up there who is dying to meet Mr. Blake!

It was so cute, at the doctors office he was being quite the charmer, and into everything. The nurse put the cuff on him to take his blood pressure, and he kept trying to grab at it. I was undressing him and he started playing with his socks. After he was weighed he flipped over and tried to get away. While waiting in the doctor's office he was making such cute noises to me and bouncing on my lap. In the middle of him doing that, he grabbed my face with both hands (not hard, just pretty much put his hands on either side of it), came in close, and started rubbing his nose on mine. I give him eskimo kisses all the time (and real ones too, of course!), so was that what he was doing? Or was just just messing around? Either way, it was just too cute and melted my heart! :D Then when the doctor was checking him out, Blake kept grabbing his sleeve and such. At Cracker Barrel (we ate there before hitting the road), while Mom was paying I was walking around the shop and this worker started cooing over how cute he was. And of course he flashed her a sweet smile and held onto her finger. He was just being so social today! I love it.

Then, once we got home, I was giving him some more diaper free time (I've been trying to do it once a day, as time permits), and he just suddenly got in the crawling position. Now last night he was kinda sleep he was asleep, and his arms weren't really up in the position, but he legs/feet were and he was crawling around the bed. He does a lot of stuff when he sleeps, especially sleep talks haha. But anyway, so he just all of a sudden got into the crawling position and started rocking. I'm wondering meanwhile if he's just going to decide to crawl and take off haha. Instead he jumps. Like a frog. It was cute! I was telling my mom (who also witnessed it) that it would be funny if he just skipped crawling and hopped like a frog everywhere. Pretty sure he'll be crawling soon. He's getting around awesome, just scooting everywhere and doing his military crawls. It's so cute!

But that's about all I have for now. Here's a pic of diaper free time from the other day! :D "MOM! I'm naked!" Hehe.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just in the mood to blog :)

Not really much to report. Guess I missed his PT appointment today. Oops. I thought it was tomorrow. It wasn't. Oh well, I called to reschedule, played phone tag with the lady all day, and haven't done it yet. Not too worried about it, since Blake doesn't like them too much (no idea why) and I still don't think it's that necessary to do weekly.

So I'm seeing this new guy now btw, Ray. :) I like him a lot, so I'm hoping things continue to work out! I guess only time will tell, but so far so good. :) He's definitely the sweetest guy I've ever met.

Blake had sweet potatoes today, and liked them. :) What is it with orange foods? So far those are the main one's he's into. But at least he's getting into it, and that's all that matters. <3

He's trying SO hard to crawl. He will get on his knees and just stick his little butt up in the air haha. It's too cute! He's getting there. :) I'm ready for it to start warming up outside! I want to take him to Cherokee Park so bad! It's such a cute place, and very picturesque.

SPEAKING of picturesque, I got my new camera kinda figured out. :)


Monday, March 1, 2010

Stress, go away. Please?

Man this has been a crazy week. Four midterms, not fun. Especially when I thought my English midterm was due the day after it actually was. So mad at myself, but it's only 15% of my grade, so I guess I've gotten over it. I'm ready for school to be done though. SO ready.

Also, sperm donor got in touch with me the other day. Guess he moved to CA, like I told him to a long time ago. Guess he finally listened. He says he's planning to give me a little money when I get a job. Which I guess is cool. But that doesn't make Blake anymore "his" son. He's always been mine. I forget often that I hadn't had him via immaculate conception. Blake looks like me and a mix of my family. I don't see Ryan in him at all. And if Ryan DOES start sending some money his way, would that make him more of a father? I shell out money for car insurance, but that doesn't make me a parent. Changing Blake's diapers does. Giving him baths does. Feeding him does. Losing so much sleep every night because he hasn't yet learned to sleep through the night does. Don't get me wrong, it definitely takes money to raise a baby. But I don't think only paying money (and only a little at that, I know I would still be paying most of his living costs) really makes you a parent. I'm half tempted to tell him to not worry about it and just pretend Blake never happened to him. Not sure he's agree to it or not though. Supposedly he's clean now and getting his stuff together. And maybe he is. But how am I supposed to believe him? I believed countless lies from him, and he really took advantage of my trusting nature and completely shattered it between us. I can't believe a thing he says. He's told me he's done with drugs so many times. Not sue I'm really willing to take the chance to find out. He asked to see him on his birthday. Does he even know when that is? It's not for half a year. I'm not sure what I'm doing on his birthday. Well, pretty sure I'm having a joint party with Sabrina and Stella, but even that I don't think is set in stone yet. I'm hoping time will tell me what I should do, if anything at all.

So I'm with this amazing guy named Ray now. :) He's a total sweetheart, and I like him a lot. We work together, and all I do all day is get teased about it, especially by the kitchen staff (he works in the kitchen for now). But it's okay, I can handle it. :) He makes me really happy. <3

Blake is getting so big. Well, to me he is. And he's getting more grown up. He's starting to throw fits. Isn't he a little young for this? Haha. Like I was trying to feed him carrots yesterday, and he kept trying to stick his hands in the jar. I kept moving it away so he couldn't, and that's when he lost it. He wouldn't eat or anything, just cried and cried and let me know he was MAD. It wasn't his pained cry, and after a while I just put the lid back on and let him do whatever, and he was fine again. He's I guess technically 7 months now? I'm not really sure. February is such an odd month. Especially since he was born on the 31st. Despite him getting mad over things, he's still such a sweetheart. :) He's still a cuddlebug, which makes me happy. He's sitting up pretty well now, even better than before. What he really loves to do is stand though. It's all he wants to do. If I put him in his crib and stand him up against the rail, he will grab onto it and just stand there. He looks so grown up just standing there by himself. He still doesn't crawl. He scoots like a champ though. He still gets where he's going, believe me! He will go all over the place, getting into thing, haha. Especially if it's something that he really shouldn't be into. That's his favorite. But I love that he's so curious about everything, and so smart. He catches on quick. If I show him how to do something (within reason), he pretty much figures it out the same day.

On Thursday I go to Alabama to get his genetics testing done. Not really excited. I never am excited for the little bit to get stuck. Can't they just stick me instead? And then shortly after that we get to go to Gainesville again. Fun fun! Except not. Oh well, it will be nice to get it over with!

Also, I got my new camera that's really good, so I should be able to have more pics of him soon. :) Well, nice pics. But I will leave you with a pic of him from Wonderlife Photography.