Sunday, November 23, 2008

i don't even know anymore

still no clue if i'm pregnant or not. that "period" never got heavy, and i've been done for a little bit now. it just stayed light. i've been taking equate brand tests but mostly at night, and they've all been negative. my boobs hurt really bad and have for the past week or so. so idk what's up. i'll keep trying in the mean time.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

maybe it's not too late =]

so far this "period" is really weird. like i said, the first day i just spotted. and then yesterday i had very mild cramping and light bleeding. today there is no cramping at all and still very light bleeding, as in i only need liners. i put on a really thin pad so i wouldn't have to worry about it at work (plus it's longer so if i'm laying down i'm covered) and it's no where near filled. it's barely even touched, and even now it feels like the bleeding is slowing down. my bbt is still up, since yesterday i've been at 97.9, and like i've said normal for me is 96.6. and still no breaking out and what not, and i'm still feeling nauseous sometimes. yesterday i even dry heaved. so maybe i am pregnant. maybe not, but maybe. i have mixed feelings on whether i want to just give up on this month and hope for better luck next month or to hold onto that maybe i am pregnant. ryan thinks i'm pregnant, but he always does haha. but i guess like i said, i'll wait and see. i just hope this bleeding stops really soon. =]

Saturday, November 15, 2008

maybe it's time to give up on this month

sooo i got up at like 6:30 this morning to go pee and when i got to the bathroom there was more blood. =[ but it still smells not like a menstrual period, so i have no clue. it has been light, and idk, the bleeding just seems really weird to me. like it's not really flowing, just every once in a while it'll just put out a little more than usual, and then nothing really. i just don't know what to think. my bbt was 97.9 today, which is .1 higher than what it was yesterday. as much as i'd like to believe i'm still possibly pregnant, i'm probably not since i am bleeding, and i guess i just need to get over it. better luck next month i suppose. this is kinda disappointing, i really thought that maybe this could be it. oh well, not like it's the first time. 

Friday, November 14, 2008

longest two weeks ever

so i started spotting today at around noon or so. kinda have mixed feelings about that. for one, i'm three days before my period should come, but also it's just very light spotting, and i don't usually spot before my period, it usually just comes. it's so light now that it's barely even spotting. but, it IS right on time for implantation bleeding, and sounds just like it, so i'm seriously hoping that that's what it is. ugh, got nauseous again today, after i ate waffle house this morning. it sucked lol, but hopefully it's for a good cause. =]

took a test this morning too...bfn. i'm sure you could've guessed though lol. this next time i think i'm gunna wait to see if i miss my period and then take it. i only have one left, sooo yeah. =] i'm still thinking positively though, and i'm really hoping this is it. 

also, i'm hiccuping a lot lately. i mean, i've always gotten hiccups every once in a while, but now i've been getting them a lot, like several times a day. maybe that's a sign too? who knows, i know, only time will tell, but i'm getting impatient. 

things are still looking up!

so i've started to track my bbt, and it's still high while i'm supposed to be due for a period in three days. i'm definitely encouraging it to stay high though. =] if it does for eighteen dpo, then i'm most likely preggo. assuming i ovulated around the 29th of this month, this would be 16 dpo, or there abouts. yay! almost there. this morning my bbt was 98.2, and my normal is usually around 96.6 or so, so yeah, it's def high. =]

i was sooo nauseous today. first i was really hungry, so me and mom (i was visiting) spilt a foot long fighter pilot. and then shortly after i got really nauseous and even gagged a little a couple of times. it was not fun at all. hopefully it's all for a good cause though, such as reproduction. that'd be awesome. 

oh, maybe this is tmi (not that really anyone reads this anyway i'm sure), but also my urine smells funny lately. like i guess stronger? idk, but i've started noticing lately, and no i'm not dehydrated, i've been drinking lots and it's a nice clear color. maybe it's a sign too. hope so!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

how almost exciting =]

so it's very possible that i might be pregnant. here are my symptoms:

sore boobs, especially on the outsides, and they feel harder, i guess firmer (never happens)
veins in boobs very clear
nipples hard (but maybe i'm cold =])
had hot flashes on and off today 
been very tired lately
having trouble falling to sleep
having trouble waking up (even after about eight hours of sleep)
peeing a lot
eating a lot, but not gaining really any weight
normally i break out near my af, but i haven't yet, actually my skin feels clearer
cramped a little today
i've been getting mad easier, like at work
my cf is increased, even though i'm due for my af in five days, but it's more watery than normal
been really thirsty (but i pee a lot even if i'm not drinking much)

i'm sure i'll think of more later, but yeah, hoping those are the signs i want them to be. =]

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

let's try this again

so i wasn't preggo before. but a wonderful thing happened: ryan asked if we could try. so we set to work, and now i'm at my two week wait. i'm thinking about testing early, to know if i should get my hopes up or not. but i've been peeing sooo much and eating a ton, my mom even asked if i was. oh, and my boobs are killing me! but you know its whatever >.<. and i've been tired. i was about to go to bed the other night and it wasn't even eight yet! i suppose only time will tell, but it needs to tell faster. =] wish me luck and give me baby dust!