Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Room tour!

I feel like this is probabaly the most prompt I have EVER been for a blog post. :) I'm so proud of myself! But I really wanted to get this up BEFORE she is born, so might as well do it right away! And just as a warning, this will be a very picture heavy post. Missing from her room that I added tonight after a target run is her diaper pail (aka a step lid trash can that I put a drawstring laundry bag in), and her laundry hamper (just boring and white, but it's pretty much hidden from sight anyway). Other than that, everything is done!

Monday, November 19, 2012

37 weeks

So much has happened in only three weeks! For starters...I'm married! Me and Nate have officially tied the knot, and I love it. :) He's such a wonderful husband, now we just need our wonderful daughter to come into the picture finally! It was a little ceremony, with only me, him, our moms, Cheyne, and her man, Koti. One of Nate's coworkers actually married us. It was nice though. I'm not really one to be the center of attention, so I think I would be too nervous during a big ceremony. Nate still decided to surprise me though and arranged to have the song I've always wanted played at my wedding (Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles) played at the end, just after being officially married. :) Isn't he sweet? Yes, yes he is, and he's all mine for forever. My mom made my wedding dress, since I couldn't really find any reasonably priced dresses that fit and that I liked, and it worked out very nicely. Nate looks so handsome in his suit, and I thought it was sweet that he insisted on dressing up with me, despite the small size of the event. Our bands still haven't come in yet, since we're having the girl who made my engagement ring make both of our bands, and it takes up to 3 weeks to make. It'll be so worth it when they're finally here, but it feels like it's taking forever! For the ceremony, we literally tied the knot with embroidery thread. You know, whatever works! :D

Saturday, November 3, 2012

34 weeks

Well, technically 34 anyway...I'll be 35 weeks tomorrow. I've been slacking with the posts, I know, and I'm sorry! I'll try to catch you up.

So, Sophia has dropped a lot! She's is still head down, and every once in a while I'll feel some intense pressure. She is still head down, just like she has been the whole pregnancy, and still active. However, I can tell she's getting cramped in there, since her once really strong kicks are turning more and more into intense stretches! She's still growing, so YAY! This was the point last time that all the issues started coming up, and so far, so good. She is on the small side of normal, which I'm okay with. My midwife's guess is that she will probably be around 6 lbs or so. Better than 4 1/2 lbs! Plus this way we can get a little more use out of her newborn things. Honestly, I'm glad mother nature doesn't have a 10 lb baby in store for me lol.