Monday, November 19, 2012

37 weeks

So much has happened in only three weeks! For starters...I'm married! Me and Nate have officially tied the knot, and I love it. :) He's such a wonderful husband, now we just need our wonderful daughter to come into the picture finally! It was a little ceremony, with only me, him, our moms, Cheyne, and her man, Koti. One of Nate's coworkers actually married us. It was nice though. I'm not really one to be the center of attention, so I think I would be too nervous during a big ceremony. Nate still decided to surprise me though and arranged to have the song I've always wanted played at my wedding (Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles) played at the end, just after being officially married. :) Isn't he sweet? Yes, yes he is, and he's all mine for forever. My mom made my wedding dress, since I couldn't really find any reasonably priced dresses that fit and that I liked, and it worked out very nicely. Nate looks so handsome in his suit, and I thought it was sweet that he insisted on dressing up with me, despite the small size of the event. Our bands still haven't come in yet, since we're having the girl who made my engagement ring make both of our bands, and it takes up to 3 weeks to make. It'll be so worth it when they're finally here, but it feels like it's taking forever! For the ceremony, we literally tied the knot with embroidery thread. You know, whatever works! :D

In other news, yes, still pregnant. But so ready for her to come! I have everything officially ready. :) Everything is washed, I have her newborn diapers, everything is put away, bags are packed for the birthing center (whenever it should be that I can actually go!), house has been cleaned, and basically we're just waiting for her to call the shot. Two days after the wedding I was worried I was going into labor, as I started having regular contractions every five minutes, but they never got stronger and eventually stopped the next day. But I'll tell you what, my belly was so sore that next day from working so hard! But yeah, nothing really too exciting this week. Everything is still good with Sophia, she's still growing (still on the small side), and she's dropped even more. In fact, she has dropped so much that my belly actually looks smaller this week than what it did a few days ago! I'm still getting Braxton Hicks, and they're lasting longer these days and are a little more intense pain wise, but very manageable still.

This time around, I actually weigh less than what I did with Blake. With Blake I was 130 when I was induced at 36 weeks 6 days. On Thursday (36 weeks 4 days) I was only 124. And I started at 112 this time (lost 7 lbs in the beginning though), where as with Blake I started at 103. Weird, since he was smaller too! But I'm okay with gaining less, since she's still growing and everything is looking good. Glad this time I'm still all belly, and didn't blow up huge. This is officially the longest I've ever been pregnant! I can't believe that I'm this far already, and that it could literally be any day that Sophia decides to join us. I wonder if people have any clue that they're about to go into labor, or if it's more of a sudden thing usually. I know Gus has been especially by my side as of today. He was meowing to come into our room and sleep with me at 7:00 this morning, and while I was cleaning the house earlier, he was literally following me to every room. It was cute! But still no labor, so guess he was just feeling lovey.

Since Sophia's room is OFFICALLY done (yay!), I want to do a tour of it, but I think I'll save that for a separate post, maybe tomorrow if I think of it! It's so cute, I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I only wish I could have painted the walls, but its still cute as off-white. So yeah, you can look forward to that. :) I tried to do a video tour, but my phone wouldn't upload the video and my computer needs too many updates for it to be able to upload to youtube anymore. Sad day, I know!

Lately I've also been obsessed with making things for Sophia (as if you couldn't tell from before). I feel like I constantly have a little list of things that I want to make her! It's fun though, and she gets things that no one else has. Currently I want to make her some simpler headbands (she's good on the super girly bows and flowers!), leg warmers from knee high socks, and some infinity scarves (worn only while supervised, of course!). I've been getting a lot of inspiration from this chick. Love how she dresses her little one! I thought I was the only one who liked to browse the boy section (hehe) and pair them with girlier (is that a word?) pieces. I love the look though, and I'm a little obsessed. Needless to say, I'm feeling so inspired looking at her daughter's fashion!

Other than that, I THINK that's it! I'll leave you with some pictures of our ceremony and, of course, my 37 week belly shot. :)

November 11, 2012

Our "rings." :)

I was having a contraction, and probably giving Nate a hard time. Assuming what his look is for. :)

37 weeks!

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