Tuesday, April 24, 2012

7 weeks

Can I just start by saying how MISERABLE I've been feeling? I've been throwing up about once a day, and I'm so over it. And even after I throw up, I only feel better for about 10 minutes, and then I'm nauseous again. Today I was worthless. Literally got up for class and went, came home, slept for three hours, finally attempted to eat something, and still have only laid in bed. I just don't have energy to do much of anything and it sucks. :( I honestly just want to go back to sleep, but guess I should study or something first. I can't wait for this trimester to be over! Or at least this phase where I'm feeling sick 24/7.

A classmate of mine told me yesterday that I look like I'm losing weight. Maybe I am, but my pants sure don't feel like it. Pretty snug, gotta say. Not much of a bump yet, but maybe you can see a little bit of difference. :)
7 weeks :)

Like I said, not much to see here. And then, here's also a picture of me and Nate. :) Not a great picture, but it's not horrible.
Mommy and Daddy to be

Hoping things get more normal soon!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

6 weeks

Well, any hopes I had of possibly not having morning sickness are throughly out the window. It started before six weeks (last time I started getting sick the day I turned six weeks), but once I hit this week it's been way worse. Every morning I'm dry heaving, and it's definitely not left to just the morning. No, no, it lasts ALL day. Even when I get to a stage that I can stand to eat, I'm still slightly queasy. I'm so ready for this stage to pass! Unfortunately, it just started not long ago, meaning I probably have about another month and a half of this to go. :( The only thing that makes me happy about this is that it means my levels are still up, hormones are still raging, and baby is hopefully still doing fine.

It's weird. I know for a fact it's just a phantom symptom (for now), since it's much too early, but every once in a while it feels as if I feel fetal movement. Obviously that's not it, and maybe it's just reminiscent from my last pregnancy, but still it's odd! Maybe it's just stuff inside shifting around and I'm more sensitive to it or something. I don't know! I can't wait until I can for real feel this little one moving though. With Blake, I could feel movement at 14 weeks. I hope I can with this one too! I could have other people feel it from the outside until it was closer to 20 weeks, but still, there are people who haven't even felt any movement at 20 weeks.

Nate says he's having sympathy symptoms, such as pregnancy brain, and maybe the appetite. I'm not really hungry now, but at first I was so hungry all the time! It was like that with Blake too, starving at first, not interested during the "sick times," the starving again towards the end. I did enjoy the appetite I had with Blake. I've never been able to eat a ton at one sitting, which is a shame when the food is good! So I'm excited about that for this time, I just hope I don't gain a TON of weight. Speaking of gaining, my boobs are so huge and swollen. Very uncomfortable! I'm busting out of my bras that I have, and it's difficult to find the next size up, unfortunately. I wasn't this size until more like half way through last time. Eek. Please stop growing!

One good thing about this time is that my skin has been pretty clear. With Blake I was broken out a good part of my pregnancy. So at least there's one benefit!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun News :)

Drum roll please! Nate and I have recently found out we're expecting! Totally an accident, but so excited nonetheless. According to my LMP, I'm due December 10, 2012. I actually announced it on facebook April 1st, so a lot of people were asking if this was an April fool's joke. Here to clarify further, it's definitely not! See for yourself:


This girl at work swears by the trick of predicting the gender by holding the cross necklace above my belly. Back and forth for a boy, circles for a girl, and supposedly it tells you all the kids you're having ever. It was so weird! I'll still take it with a grain of salt, but wow. It was completely still, and then by itself it started going back and forth (boy, for Blake). Then it started going in circles. So according to this test, this little one is going to be a GIRL! That would be so fun! I guess we'll see. Nate still says it's a boy, but only time will tell. Then, it stopped again for a few seconds (did in between the first two also) and started to go back and forth again. So apparently next I will have a boy. :)

So what I'm hoping will happen is that I have the baby over Christmas break and then I'll go back in January for maybe like two weeks? And then I graduate and I'll be done. :) And I'll probably work at Fud's up until I give birth and then just quit...and just save up enough to get me through until then. Then take my license test and then nurse! :D Hopefully everything will fall into place just like that.