Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Fun News :)

Drum roll please! Nate and I have recently found out we're expecting! Totally an accident, but so excited nonetheless. According to my LMP, I'm due December 10, 2012. I actually announced it on facebook April 1st, so a lot of people were asking if this was an April fool's joke. Here to clarify further, it's definitely not! See for yourself:


This girl at work swears by the trick of predicting the gender by holding the cross necklace above my belly. Back and forth for a boy, circles for a girl, and supposedly it tells you all the kids you're having ever. It was so weird! I'll still take it with a grain of salt, but wow. It was completely still, and then by itself it started going back and forth (boy, for Blake). Then it started going in circles. So according to this test, this little one is going to be a GIRL! That would be so fun! I guess we'll see. Nate still says it's a boy, but only time will tell. Then, it stopped again for a few seconds (did in between the first two also) and started to go back and forth again. So apparently next I will have a boy. :)

So what I'm hoping will happen is that I have the baby over Christmas break and then I'll go back in January for maybe like two weeks? And then I graduate and I'll be done. :) And I'll probably work at Fud's up until I give birth and then just quit...and just save up enough to get me through until then. Then take my license test and then nurse! :D Hopefully everything will fall into place just like that.

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