Tuesday, March 31, 2009

19 weeks :)

so far in only three more days i'll be half way through and HOPEFULLY i'll know the gender. :) i can't wait!!! i just want to see the baby again in general. i think i finally popped. my belly is way bigger than what it was last week. i just woke up one day and it was there. about time!

i'm one of those girls who love being pregnant lol. i love watching my self grow and know that i'm harvesting a sweet bundle of joy at the same time. as much as i love being pregnant though, i can't wait to actually be a mom. i want to hold this baby in my arms so bad. i feel so sappy yesterday, i was watching these birthing shows and when the mom had the baby i started tearing up real bad haha. i just can't wait to experience that miracle.

so anyway not much has happened this week. just same old same old. a little more movement this week, but that's about it. i just can't wait until friday. not sure if you could tell or not haha. the only downside to growing is that my lower back hurts now, all the time. that part isn't fun. but my appetite is growing so that part is fun! :D i love eating haha. and i finally started to gain weight like i need to so yay. :)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

18 weeks :)

so the other day i felt baby's first hard-ish kicks. i even felt a couple on the outside! now i just need her to start moving more so others can feel it, since it's just sporadically that i feel the movements now. still exciting though. :) so only ten more days from now and i'll find out the gender. still hoping for a little girl, but if it's a boy i'll love him all the same.

i think i'm nesting already! lol i want to decorate for the baby so bad. okay, that's probably not nesting, that's probably just me being me lol, but stillll. but there's lots of cleaning to do first so that's kind of a problem, dunno where to start! not to mention i'm always at school or work, or having to do tons of homework, i never have time. :( i think they're finally cutting me down to like four days a week at work, which feels like a big break to me actually lol. i'm just ready for school to be out. next week is spring break, which really won't be a break for me since i'll still be working lots and at least a couple of my classes have work planned for us during that break. ugh. i'm just so worn out, i'm ready for summer! where i have no homework lol. i'm rambling now though lol.

i'm finally starting to "pop." still not big, but at least i'm starting to show a little more. :) about time!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

17 weeks!

so nothing really new this week. well i've felt baby kicking more, but other than that, nothing. but, i do have a new belly picture! :)

17 weeks :)

yep, looks almost exactly the same as two weeks ago. maybe a smidge bigger. lol oh well, i'll be happy for my smallness later on. i can't wait for april 3rd! i want to know the gender sooo bad. :) i can't believe that i'm almost halfway through the pregnancy. sure doesn't feel like it. and i sure don't look like it haha.

Monday, March 9, 2009

16 weeks :)

so i felt baby's kicks today!!! they felt like little flicking, so cute. she did it a few times, stopped, and then did it again a few min later. :) i wish she was bigger so that i could feel it more!

oh and i went to tj maxx today and got some stuff haha. sure hope it's a girl! i'm gunna hate returning all this cute stuff lol.

ugh morning sickness came again today. it seems like once every two weeks. blah. i'm ready for it to just vanish all together.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

15 weeks :)

so i had my second prenatal appointment today. the baby sounded perfect, and the heart rate was 160 BPM. :) according to old wives tales over 140 is a girl. so maybe girl? lol i hope!

and i guess i havent even gained a full pound since last time. i was surprised! i thought sure i've gained like 2 or 3 pounds since then. i mean, this is almost six weeks later! at first it was 105.9, and now today i was 106.7. i've been eating plenty. so idk, but my OB said she's not worried about it at all, and that she'd rather me gain lots of weight at the end. so if she's not worried then i'm not either. i'm eating all the time and i'm trying to eat healthy and taking my prenatal vitamins every day, so i'm not sure what else to do.

and at first my blood pressure shot through the roof. of course i had just ran up the stairs to the OB department, so i was still halfway out of breath and those tests always make me nervous anyway lol. but my hand fell asleep during it and was turning purple, which has never happened. i was kinda getting worried. but then she took it again on the other arm and none of those things happened and the numbers were much better. lol i was starting to get worried that i had preeclampsia or something. but i guess i dont, so yay!

i'm getting a little bigger, or more so i'm starting to look more pregnant that just fat. which i'm happy about. :)

15 weeks! :)