Tuesday, March 24, 2009

18 weeks :)

so the other day i felt baby's first hard-ish kicks. i even felt a couple on the outside! now i just need her to start moving more so others can feel it, since it's just sporadically that i feel the movements now. still exciting though. :) so only ten more days from now and i'll find out the gender. still hoping for a little girl, but if it's a boy i'll love him all the same.

i think i'm nesting already! lol i want to decorate for the baby so bad. okay, that's probably not nesting, that's probably just me being me lol, but stillll. but there's lots of cleaning to do first so that's kind of a problem, dunno where to start! not to mention i'm always at school or work, or having to do tons of homework, i never have time. :( i think they're finally cutting me down to like four days a week at work, which feels like a big break to me actually lol. i'm just ready for school to be out. next week is spring break, which really won't be a break for me since i'll still be working lots and at least a couple of my classes have work planned for us during that break. ugh. i'm just so worn out, i'm ready for summer! where i have no homework lol. i'm rambling now though lol.

i'm finally starting to "pop." still not big, but at least i'm starting to show a little more. :) about time!

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