Tuesday, March 31, 2009

19 weeks :)

so far in only three more days i'll be half way through and HOPEFULLY i'll know the gender. :) i can't wait!!! i just want to see the baby again in general. i think i finally popped. my belly is way bigger than what it was last week. i just woke up one day and it was there. about time!

i'm one of those girls who love being pregnant lol. i love watching my self grow and know that i'm harvesting a sweet bundle of joy at the same time. as much as i love being pregnant though, i can't wait to actually be a mom. i want to hold this baby in my arms so bad. i feel so sappy yesterday, i was watching these birthing shows and when the mom had the baby i started tearing up real bad haha. i just can't wait to experience that miracle.

so anyway not much has happened this week. just same old same old. a little more movement this week, but that's about it. i just can't wait until friday. not sure if you could tell or not haha. the only downside to growing is that my lower back hurts now, all the time. that part isn't fun. but my appetite is growing so that part is fun! :D i love eating haha. and i finally started to gain weight like i need to so yay. :)

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