Wednesday, March 4, 2009

15 weeks :)

so i had my second prenatal appointment today. the baby sounded perfect, and the heart rate was 160 BPM. :) according to old wives tales over 140 is a girl. so maybe girl? lol i hope!

and i guess i havent even gained a full pound since last time. i was surprised! i thought sure i've gained like 2 or 3 pounds since then. i mean, this is almost six weeks later! at first it was 105.9, and now today i was 106.7. i've been eating plenty. so idk, but my OB said she's not worried about it at all, and that she'd rather me gain lots of weight at the end. so if she's not worried then i'm not either. i'm eating all the time and i'm trying to eat healthy and taking my prenatal vitamins every day, so i'm not sure what else to do.

and at first my blood pressure shot through the roof. of course i had just ran up the stairs to the OB department, so i was still halfway out of breath and those tests always make me nervous anyway lol. but my hand fell asleep during it and was turning purple, which has never happened. i was kinda getting worried. but then she took it again on the other arm and none of those things happened and the numbers were much better. lol i was starting to get worried that i had preeclampsia or something. but i guess i dont, so yay!

i'm getting a little bigger, or more so i'm starting to look more pregnant that just fat. which i'm happy about. :)

15 weeks! :)

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