Sunday, February 22, 2009

14 weeks :)

hello second trimester! supposedly i'm now supposed to be gaining a pound a week...idk if i can do i'm worried that i just wont. but now baby is growing fast and bigger so i'm hoping (s)he will help me out. :) now for the most exciting news of all: i believe i've felt flutters! they're just very faint and don't last too long, but i'm pretty positive that's what they are. i talked to mom about it and she thinks that's what they are. they feel like the butterflies that you get in your stomach, but in my uterus. :) lol it almost tickles, makes my wanna do something about it, but its from the inside so i cant lol. either was i'm so excited by it. i can mainly only feel it when i'm relaxing, not really when i'm standing or moving around. i love it though. tomorrow i have my second appointment with my new parent support program, at 1030 in the morning lol. so early. and then next week on march 4th i have my next doctor's appointment. there they're going to listen to the heartbeat. but no ultrasound. :( i wish! i guess i'll have to just be patient and wait for the week after my bday. lol

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