Sunday, February 8, 2009

12 weeks

almost to the second trimester! and still no more morning sickness. :) so my next appointment is march 4th, and that's just where i'll hear the heartbeat, but no ultrasound. :( but i'll have an appointment to just get an ultrasound (and hopefully find out the sex) at the end of march. it's taking forever! and i'm starting to show some. i mean if you looked at me you wouldnt be able to really tell i don't think. i've just noticed that i'm a bigger. and pants aren't as comfortable. but man, i've been so bloated lately. i look way more preggo thanks to that. exhibit A:

yeah, i'm not usually that size though. this is how big i really am, w/o being bloated:

see, a little better. :) either way i'm just excited. and tired. oh i've been so tired. and there's so much to do, so much homework and i still have to work all the time....ugh. oh well, i'll get by. i'll be more tired when baby gets here.

and i've decided on where i'm going to get the 4D ultrasound at. i'll probably get it around the end of may. everything seems so far away! but hopefully time will fly. so far it actually kinda has been flying by. :) thank god. i want to meet my little one!

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