Friday, April 3, 2009

20 weeks! :D

well, it's official, it's a boy!!!! i'm having a little blake konnor. shopping for him today was so much fun. i really wanted a girl, but i guess i'll just try again next time. :) i ate a sugar cube before i went, and wow he was active. he went from breech, to cephalid, to transverse. all in a little less than an hour. but he's beautiful. and we almost couldn't tell the sex. too much movement, and the umbilical cord was between his legs the whole time. the heartbeat is now 140. i got to see him swallowing and the tech said he was picking his nose lol but i would like to say that he was sucking on his thumb or fingers. i cannot wait to meet him. :)

so this is his cute little face, complete with one hand above his head and another right next to his face:

thumbnail face!

and this is proof he's a boy:

thumbnail boy

and this is a foot! looks just like my feet. :) it's so amazing!

thumbnail foot

he's just so beautiful! and a cute profile, even though we didn't get a picture of that.

and this is as big as i've gotten so far, at my halfway point (yeah, that's it lol):

20 weeks!

well as of right now that's about all i have to update on. :)

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