Friday, April 17, 2009

22 weeks!

so yesterday was the ultrasound and it is in fact a two vessel umbilical cord. which means that i'm now considered a high risk pregnancy. so far everything looks good though, he got a fetal echocardiogram along with the ultrasound and the doctor said that right now everything sounds perfect. but yay for more ultrasounds! we FINALLY got a profile shot, he is so cute. looks like me still so far haha. and he weighs 13 ounces right now. getting so big! :) oh and he got his first case of hiccups this morning. i can't wait for him to get them again! so without further ado, here are the pics from yesterday! (21 weeks 6 days)

here is his face. and an eyeball lol. looks like my chin!

21 weeks thumbnail

good news! still a boy! so i can keep all this boy stuff hehe. :)

21 weeks thumbnail

profile! and his cute little hand up by his face. so cute.

21 weeks thumbnail

another profile! looks like mine too!

21 weeks thumbnail

and last but not least, my belly at 22 weeks!

22 weeks! :D

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