Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Room tour!

I feel like this is probabaly the most prompt I have EVER been for a blog post. :) I'm so proud of myself! But I really wanted to get this up BEFORE she is born, so might as well do it right away! And just as a warning, this will be a very picture heavy post. Missing from her room that I added tonight after a target run is her diaper pail (aka a step lid trash can that I put a drawstring laundry bag in), and her laundry hamper (just boring and white, but it's pretty much hidden from sight anyway). Other than that, everything is done!

First, let's start off at the door. This is what the view looks like looking straight in from the hall way.

Behind the door, you'll find her flower tub. I have it hanging up on a hook. It's basically a fabric covered foam flower that you stick in the sink, fill the sink with warm water, and it will cradle Sophia and keep her snug. I obviously haven't tried it out yet, but read great reviews on it and looked like it would be a whole lot more comfortable than the hard plastic tubs. I still have the plastic one too from Blake, but I remember he HATED bath time in the beginning, so hopefully this well help her enjoy it a little more!

Next is the changing station/dresser. I like this option better than having a separate changing table and dresser because for one, saves space, for two, after baby is out of diapers, what would I really need a changing table for, and three, I just like the look of it better. I'm really happy with how this area turned out! I had the vision in my head, but was still a little unsure as of how it would really look in person. The tissue poms above weren't originally part of this area plan, but I knew I wanted them to be somewhere in the room, and this just ended up being the best spot. They're so easy to make, and really add a lot to the space. Hopefully Sophia will enjoy looking at all the different things when she gets a little older and needs a distraction from the diaper change!

Her diaper caddy. I have disposable wipes in the container for now, but will switch to cloth once I have all the ones I already had on hand used up.

To the right is the wall with the window. I struggled a lot with trying to find curtains that I loved for this room. The ones I really wanted ended up being discontinued before I got a chance to scoop them up, which stinks, but I ended up settling for these. Although not my original choice, I think they work well with the room. The yarn pom garland was actually something I made for the baby shower, and then forgot to hang up for it. Whoops! I needed to find a space to hang it for her room (might as well not waste it!), and Nate came up with the curtain idea. I really like it! So kudos to Nate. To the right of the window are some boxes I painted along with some vases (filled with kidney beans I spray painted) and a little silver box full of things I got when Blake passed away. Oh, and the flowers to the left of the curtains are actually night lights my friend gave me! They're from ikea and I'm so in love with them. :)

The next wall is the closet. Above the closet are more embroidery hoop decorations that Nate's mom made for her from an old baby blanket of Nate's. How sweet is that? And they fit PERFECT above the closet, so that was really nice too. :) Her closet is full of pretty much everything: clothes, toys, extra supplies, you get the idea. I think I have it pretty much organized though! I have the clothes hung according to size then style, only up to 3 months, but I'm considering making some divider tabs for the sizes. Not sure though! I'll probably pull the lazy card on that one. :)

On the last wall of the room, we have the crib. This was also Blake's crib, and I'm so in love with it. I was trying to figure out what to put above the crib for a while. I didn't really want pictures, since things can happen, and I didn't want the possibility of heavy or hard things falling on her while she was in the crib. We plan on cosleeping, but she will I'm sure still nap in there if me or Nate aren't sleeping with her. I also didn't want to hang anything with tacks, since if they're pulled out of the wall they're of course sharp and a choking hazard. So how did I hang up her name? Velcro. I sewed on the velcro to the letters (soft side), and then used the wall adhesive pieces that come with those 3M hooks to stick the sticky side of the velcro to the wall. And so far it works great! That was if she DOES decide to pull the letters off, there's no harm done. The flag bunting is hung with screw in hooks and a couple of the clear 3M adhesive hooks. Luckily that's all out of her reach though. :) I like how it turned out! I was a little nervous about sewing up her name, since I'm still relatively new to sewing, but it wasn't as hard as I was anticipating. The crib set actually didn't come with a crib skirt (which I didn't know when I bought it!), and it's since been discontinued, so I made my own. I just cut out three pieces of fleece, and then taped (yes taped!) it to the cardboard under the mattress. Worked like a charm! Much cheaper than spending $20+ on one. I won't really use it I don't think once she's out the crib stage anyway, and we had the fleece on hand. And I think it looks fine that way! Under the bed I store her blankets. Some I made, some are store bought, and then some are hand me downs from her big brother.

That's it for the main parts! I guess I'll go over what's in her drawers of the dresser. But first, a look at her comfy rug (and Gus helping me photograph everything).

Alright, first drawer is filled with her small diapers. Here we have preemie and newborn prefolds, tiny gPants (I have 6 more of these, but they're currently in the diaper bag), size small gPants, some fleece liners I made, some cloth gDiaper inserts I made (that fit AMAZING in the tiny G's by the way), and some covers (a Thirsties duo size 1 and two soft bums echo covers).

The next drawer down are mainly one size options and fitteds. A lot of her fitteds are actually pocket fitted that I made myself. I remember really liking the couple I made for Blake, so I whipped up a few more for her, since I had a ton of flannel on hand. I also have some bumgenius bamboo fitteds in size small, some flip covers (snap version), some fleece covers in size small, a bumgenius all-in-one in size small, microfiber inserts, two flip stay dry inserts, some hemp doublers, and two more random doublers.

The next drawer down is full of mainly extras and sizes that won't fit her for a bit. We have two sizes of bigger prefolds, extra wipes I made (some are flannel and terry cloth, some are just flannel), extra fleece liners I had made, extra size small snap in liners for the gPants (I plan to get more gPants once she can actually fit in them, but these are just what I had from Blake), and some birdseye flat diapers.

In the right top drawer I keep her socks, leg warmers, headbands, bibs, hats, and a couple of other random things. I separated the socks I had for her specifically and the gender neutral/a tad boyish socks, just so I can try to get as much use out of her girly socks, since I know I will have another boy someday.

Under that, I keep her burp cloths and waterproof pads. I made a lot of the burp cloths myself and love how they turned out. Not sure about function yet, but they're backed with Gerber prefolds, and I really liked those for burp cloths with Blake, so I'm sure I'll like these too.

And then under that, I just keep towels, washcloths, and little baby shoes. I actually haven't received any girl towels for Sophia, and I got a ton of towels for Blake, so I just have the gender neutral ones pulled out for her. A towel is a towel, and I don't think she'll mind not having any pink ones!

And, I think that's it. So there you have it, Sophia's little room! Hope you enjoyed the little insider peak at it all. :)

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