Sunday, December 2, 2012

39 weeks

And still pregnant! I think I am definitely making progress though. Right before I turned 38 weeks I lost my mucus plug, but no bloody show. Not that it really means anything other than I'm dilating, which I kinda figured anyway. I'm still getting whole lots of Braxton Hicks contractions, many of which are uncomfortable, some even painful. Nothing regular though, and nothing that progresses. And she is very low in the birth canal. From my own checking, I would say somewhere between a 0 and +1 station. That, again, is just my guesstimation, but yeah, VERY low and engaged.

I had an appointment on Thursday (today is Sunday), and my midwife said that she still thinks I have about another week to go, which so far, she's right, since she's still baking. :) She also said she would be very surprised if I go over my due date, aka school WILL be a hassle for probably a week or two. Doesn't sound long, but when I'm missing my baby, it will feel like forever. :/ I'm actually really nervous about that part. It will pretty much be all clinical time (read as, lots of standing, walking, helping patients, etc, RIGHT after birth). I know you're supposed to take it easy right after, but that's not really an option for me, and I hope it doesn't create complications. What I'm more nervous about is breast feeding. Not the act of, but getting it to work really well this time around. I hope she doesn't start to prefer the bottle to me, since she won't have to work as hard. She will probably only get it once or twice a day for a couple weeks (maybe only one week) while I'm in school for the six hours, but still, what if it creates problems? I may need donor milk too, since if my milk even HAS come in by the time I go back, I'm sure I won't have enough saved up for her. I don't know, I may, but not holding my breath. There is a small chance that she will stay put for me to get out of school, and I hope she takes that chance! It would relieve so much of my stress. Don't get me wrong, I am SO ready to have her, but I don't want school to interfere. Yes, it will eventually get in the way some, but I would love to at least have 3 weeks of uninterrupted time with my sweet girl. And then only a week and a half of school and then NOTHING. I can't wait for that day, when I'm done. Not that I plan to work anytime soon, but it will be nice to have as something to fall back on. I'm going to take as much time off as we can afford though, since I really want to be a stay at home mom and Nate's very supportive of that idea. Plus, we plan to home school and such, so I WILL be working while at home, but not getting paid (in money) for it.

Well, anyway, away from describing all of my fears, I'm up to 127 lbs. Still less than what I weighed with Blake at 37 (ish) weeks! I was 130 when I delivered him. So not a huge difference, but considering he quit growing and she hasn't (though still going to be a little baby!), it's a little surprising. My midwife also said that she would like to see Sophia grow a bit more before I deliver, which probably isn't a bad idea, since that way she can fit better in her newborn diapers. You know, priorities. :) Either way, it will be soon that I get to meet her! I'm so excited, whenever she decides to come. :)

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Clara said...

yay for you making it this far and everything looking good! i wish i was as far along as you =[ im over it haha but we're moving this weekend so being 39 weeks pregnant would be kinda horrible right now. weird how these things seem to work out for the best. i wish you the best of luck with school and your labor whenever she decides to come!