Sunday, November 16, 2008

maybe it's not too late =]

so far this "period" is really weird. like i said, the first day i just spotted. and then yesterday i had very mild cramping and light bleeding. today there is no cramping at all and still very light bleeding, as in i only need liners. i put on a really thin pad so i wouldn't have to worry about it at work (plus it's longer so if i'm laying down i'm covered) and it's no where near filled. it's barely even touched, and even now it feels like the bleeding is slowing down. my bbt is still up, since yesterday i've been at 97.9, and like i've said normal for me is 96.6. and still no breaking out and what not, and i'm still feeling nauseous sometimes. yesterday i even dry heaved. so maybe i am pregnant. maybe not, but maybe. i have mixed feelings on whether i want to just give up on this month and hope for better luck next month or to hold onto that maybe i am pregnant. ryan thinks i'm pregnant, but he always does haha. but i guess like i said, i'll wait and see. i just hope this bleeding stops really soon. =]

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