Wednesday, November 12, 2008

how almost exciting =]

so it's very possible that i might be pregnant. here are my symptoms:

sore boobs, especially on the outsides, and they feel harder, i guess firmer (never happens)
veins in boobs very clear
nipples hard (but maybe i'm cold =])
had hot flashes on and off today 
been very tired lately
having trouble falling to sleep
having trouble waking up (even after about eight hours of sleep)
peeing a lot
eating a lot, but not gaining really any weight
normally i break out near my af, but i haven't yet, actually my skin feels clearer
cramped a little today
i've been getting mad easier, like at work
my cf is increased, even though i'm due for my af in five days, but it's more watery than normal
been really thirsty (but i pee a lot even if i'm not drinking much)

i'm sure i'll think of more later, but yeah, hoping those are the signs i want them to be. =]

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