Friday, November 14, 2008

longest two weeks ever

so i started spotting today at around noon or so. kinda have mixed feelings about that. for one, i'm three days before my period should come, but also it's just very light spotting, and i don't usually spot before my period, it usually just comes. it's so light now that it's barely even spotting. but, it IS right on time for implantation bleeding, and sounds just like it, so i'm seriously hoping that that's what it is. ugh, got nauseous again today, after i ate waffle house this morning. it sucked lol, but hopefully it's for a good cause. =]

took a test this morning too...bfn. i'm sure you could've guessed though lol. this next time i think i'm gunna wait to see if i miss my period and then take it. i only have one left, sooo yeah. =] i'm still thinking positively though, and i'm really hoping this is it. 

also, i'm hiccuping a lot lately. i mean, i've always gotten hiccups every once in a while, but now i've been getting them a lot, like several times a day. maybe that's a sign too? who knows, i know, only time will tell, but i'm getting impatient. 

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