Friday, November 14, 2008

things are still looking up!

so i've started to track my bbt, and it's still high while i'm supposed to be due for a period in three days. i'm definitely encouraging it to stay high though. =] if it does for eighteen dpo, then i'm most likely preggo. assuming i ovulated around the 29th of this month, this would be 16 dpo, or there abouts. yay! almost there. this morning my bbt was 98.2, and my normal is usually around 96.6 or so, so yeah, it's def high. =]

i was sooo nauseous today. first i was really hungry, so me and mom (i was visiting) spilt a foot long fighter pilot. and then shortly after i got really nauseous and even gagged a little a couple of times. it was not fun at all. hopefully it's all for a good cause though, such as reproduction. that'd be awesome. 

oh, maybe this is tmi (not that really anyone reads this anyway i'm sure), but also my urine smells funny lately. like i guess stronger? idk, but i've started noticing lately, and no i'm not dehydrated, i've been drinking lots and it's a nice clear color. maybe it's a sign too. hope so!

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