Saturday, November 15, 2008

maybe it's time to give up on this month

sooo i got up at like 6:30 this morning to go pee and when i got to the bathroom there was more blood. =[ but it still smells not like a menstrual period, so i have no clue. it has been light, and idk, the bleeding just seems really weird to me. like it's not really flowing, just every once in a while it'll just put out a little more than usual, and then nothing really. i just don't know what to think. my bbt was 97.9 today, which is .1 higher than what it was yesterday. as much as i'd like to believe i'm still possibly pregnant, i'm probably not since i am bleeding, and i guess i just need to get over it. better luck next month i suppose. this is kinda disappointing, i really thought that maybe this could be it. oh well, not like it's the first time. 

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