Monday, March 8, 2010

Things just keep getting better!

So we went to Gainesville today. The doctor said that he looks like he's getting even better, so yay! AND, we don't have to go back there for three months!!! Yay! And because of that, now we can go to Arkansas for spring break. :) We have some family up there who is dying to meet Mr. Blake!

It was so cute, at the doctors office he was being quite the charmer, and into everything. The nurse put the cuff on him to take his blood pressure, and he kept trying to grab at it. I was undressing him and he started playing with his socks. After he was weighed he flipped over and tried to get away. While waiting in the doctor's office he was making such cute noises to me and bouncing on my lap. In the middle of him doing that, he grabbed my face with both hands (not hard, just pretty much put his hands on either side of it), came in close, and started rubbing his nose on mine. I give him eskimo kisses all the time (and real ones too, of course!), so was that what he was doing? Or was just just messing around? Either way, it was just too cute and melted my heart! :D Then when the doctor was checking him out, Blake kept grabbing his sleeve and such. At Cracker Barrel (we ate there before hitting the road), while Mom was paying I was walking around the shop and this worker started cooing over how cute he was. And of course he flashed her a sweet smile and held onto her finger. He was just being so social today! I love it.

Then, once we got home, I was giving him some more diaper free time (I've been trying to do it once a day, as time permits), and he just suddenly got in the crawling position. Now last night he was kinda sleep he was asleep, and his arms weren't really up in the position, but he legs/feet were and he was crawling around the bed. He does a lot of stuff when he sleeps, especially sleep talks haha. But anyway, so he just all of a sudden got into the crawling position and started rocking. I'm wondering meanwhile if he's just going to decide to crawl and take off haha. Instead he jumps. Like a frog. It was cute! I was telling my mom (who also witnessed it) that it would be funny if he just skipped crawling and hopped like a frog everywhere. Pretty sure he'll be crawling soon. He's getting around awesome, just scooting everywhere and doing his military crawls. It's so cute!

But that's about all I have for now. Here's a pic of diaper free time from the other day! :D "MOM! I'm naked!" Hehe.



Anne said...

sheila - he's so cute! I can't believe that this is the baby I saw a few months ago who was so sick! You are a fabulous momma and he's thriving and growing so well now! I'm so glad that you are embracing and enjoying your days as a mommy - they pass by so quickly - these baby days. We missed you at the LLL meeting last week - you're welcome to come anytime :) I love seeing Blake grow!

sheila riannon said...

I wanted to come, trust me! I've been trying to go to the Friday meetings too, but I've been working those mornings lately. :( I just forget about them until the moment is here. I've just been SO busy, trying to keep up with all the different due dates for my five online classes, working overtime, etc. It's tough! I'm so ready for school to be over! But thank you! They do pass by quickly. I'm hoping to get preggo again in about a year and a half, when Blake is two. If everything permits of course! :D