Sunday, July 19, 2009

35 weeks!

so the last appointment went much, much better. we saw him doing lots of simulated breathing, which is awesome. and he did good in the non-stress test (NST). and they're gunna try to let me deliver him vaginally, so yay. but if it's too much for him then they'll take him c-section (as with any baby). i'm gunna go to sacred heart twice a week now, and they'll continue to monitor him and do the NST. they said if my fluid gets below 5 cm then they'll induce me then, but i guess it's already starting to diminish, which is a natural sign that labor is coming. but he said there's still a good amount there. so it was a good appointment, something i REALLY needed. i feel so much better about everything. :)

i can't believe he'll be here so soon though! either this week or next week i'll be a mom. :) and he's dropped even more, i didn't even know that was possible. i just hope he's okay. but since he gets hiccups all the time now, that tells me he's swallowing (plus i've seen him swallow on an ultrasound) and he sucks his thumb, so that's kinda the basics of breast feeding. the doctor at the appointment didn't seem too concerned with his ability to breast feed, so i'm hoping that all goes fine. i also kinda hope that they don't have to induce me and that he just comes on his own. but i've been having signs still that it's not far off, so he's wanting out too. either way, it wont be much longer. :)

the room is almost done too, and i've finally packed my hospital bag. i still need to wash all of his things though. i procrastinate clearly too much lol. but his crib is together and his bassinet and all that. :) i just can't wait to finally hold my beautiful baby boy n my arms.

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