Tuesday, July 14, 2009

34 weeks 4 days!

so i had a doctor's appointment at sacred heart today. can you say stressful???

i got there and they did the ultrasound. well they were saying that his heart didn't look any better and that he was small (he weighed 3 lbs 11oz, which is only one more pound from four weeks ago. average babies weigh about 5 lbs this week. it's probably b/c of the cord). so they were talking about inducing me today and me having blake. actually they were also saying that i might have to go to st. petersburg (a seven hour drive) to deliver him, b/c they have heart surgeons there that could do surgery on him when he was born if they needed to, and they don't here. so i had to get hooked up and have a non-stress test done on blake and to monitor if i was having any contractions (i think i had one, but not a bad one). well after about an hour we finally passed that test, and had to meet with a pediatric cardiologist around 2:30. she did another, more detailed u/s on blake, and his heart is fine. i was so, SO relieved. he's just been in a really bad position to where it makes the left pulmonary artery look small. so i have to go back on friday, not sure why though. i don't think they're inducing me yet though. but they did say either way i'll be going into labor soon anyway. i'm just glad he's not going to have to have surgery or anything.

i think they are still inducing me though, b/c he's so small. they want me to feed him so that he can get enough nutrients. i guess restricted fetal growth is seen in about 15% of sua. i'm just glad i have some more time to prepare for him. he's gunna be soo tiny! wish me luck at my next appointments though.

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