Saturday, July 11, 2009

34 weeks!

so wow, so much has happened! well not tons, but enough to make a difference. at 33 weeks, 4 days i lost my mucus plug! usually that means labor is within two weeks. eek! nothing yet, but i've definitely been having signs that he'll be here soon. he's been dropping like crazy. like now it's uncomfortable to sit b/c he's putting so much pressure down there and such. the only way i can comfortably sit is if i lean back a lot (like i am now). and i've been nesting like crazy. and on top of all that, the contractions are getting more frequent and some of them are uncomfortable. so i think he'll be here soon. :) i just hope he waits a little longer. luckily his room is just about done, so yay! so exciting. mom painted the walls today (i was gunna help, but she didn't want me breathing in the fumes), and i LOVE the paint! lol it's soo cute!

so on tuesday i go to sacred heart for my next ultrasound, most likely my last one, and then on thursday i have my next appointment and i also have the epidural class. i don't want to have an epidural, but i want to have the class just in case i need one. or change my mind and decide i want one. then on the 30th of this month i have my breast feeding class. wonder if i'll be able to make it that long lol. guess we'll see!

oh and at 33 weeks 5 days i had maternity pictures done. here are those:

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