Monday, June 29, 2009

32 weeks!

wow, almost there!!!

so the baby shower was fun, had a pretty good turn out and got plenty of gifts. ended up not being able to have it in the banquet room (which kinda sucked, but they had to get the floors redone and the only day the guy could do it was that day), and it would've been better i think if we could've. and the cake was late getting there, and it definitely wasn't worth the price we paid for it. :/ but oh well, everyone said they had a fun time anyway. :)

he's definitely getting bigger, i can tell you that much. :) it's awesome. and we almost have the whole room for me and blake cleared out, so then we just need to paint, put floors down, and set everything up. :) i'm so excited!!! i wanna work on it so bad. :)

so these two weeks have been pretty uneventful. just things as usual. i still think he's in the same head down, facing right position, which is very good. :) he can stay in that position, that's how i need him to be haha.

so just a little update on how everything's been going. and for the weekly belly pic:


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