Thursday, June 18, 2009

30 weeks!

so i went to sacred heart the day before yesterday and had another ultrasound to access his growth and his heart. everything it pretty much fine. the right vessel in his heart is on the "small side of normal," so i have another u/s at 34 weeks. this one will be at the first location though, since 1) they didn't have any appointments available at the closer one and 2) they said they have a bunch of heart specialists at that one so they can have them around "just in case." real comforting, huh? but i think everything will be okay. the doctor even said that he thinks that he's fine, just better safe than sorry. and i agree.

but good news, he's head down! :) he's been like that for a few weeks (i thought he was transverse b/c of where he kicks, but that's just his legs are), so hopefully he'll stay that way until i have him. :) and he's 2 lbs 10 oz so far. woo! he's getting so big! i guess this week average babies are about 3 lbs, maybe a little over. he's sooo cute though. i can't wait to meet him. :)

i've been going to the child birth education classes, and they're actually really informative. the other day we toured labor and delivery, and it's actually really nice where i'm delivering, so i'm excited. :D i mean, i was gunna deliver there regardless, but it's nice to have great facilities. :)

andddd i broke up with ryan (baby daddy). things just weren't working out. we had a good run i guess though lol. i just feel relieved though. don't really know if he does or not. but we're still on good terms.

now we're really working on the room too. just about there. sort of. tomorrow we're working on it hard core. i have work tomorrow night, so i'll be there for part of it, but i'm gunna help out while i'm home. :) i can't wait!

we've also been working a lot on the baby shower. that's going to be june 27th, so excited about that as well. we went to pick out the cake yesterday, and believe me, it's going to be sooo cute! i'll be sure to take a lot of pictures. :)

and now, for my 30 week belly shot!


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