Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Not much new

Still no idea what's up with his liver. But he has hit 7 lbs! My guess is that he's probably around 7 1/2 lbs right now. :D

I think I'm giving up on breastfeeding though. :( It makes me super sad, but I'm pretty much completely dry. Plus, on breast milk, he doesn't gain weight. Regardless, I still really want to, but like I said, I'm dry. I guess I'll be a little more experienced for my next kids though. Still kills me. :( And on top of all that, I freaking love my LC! I'm gunna miss her a ton. Trying to decide if I should continue to attend the LLL meetings. Sarah (leader) told me to please feel welcome to keep doing so, but I feel a little awkward, since they can all breastfeed their babies/toddlers. Even though I loved going to those too. I don't know, maybe after meeting with my LC tomorrow I'll become inspired to keep trying, who knows. I'm just losing faith that I'll be able to do it. He doesn't want to do it even, he's been spoiled by the bottle. And I've had thrush that I can't kick. So pumping is painful (as is hand expressing), and I don't even get anything. And he won't really even latch, with or without the shield. And then when he won't, I get so upset everytime that I end up crying. I have an SNS, but if he doesn't latch, then what good does it do me?

I've been using some gDiapers that Sabrina gave me (thanks!), and just have been sticking some fold up prefolds in them. Love them! I haven't dived in full force yet, since he's still a little small to really wear them, but he's getting there! I try to use them at home, either when he's wearing a shirt or a bigger onesie, since they're not as trim as disposable diapers and kinda stretch out his newborn onesies. :( Only thing I don't like about them. Other than that, fantastic! I'm just not ready to retire his newborn onesis yet. He's just started fitting perfectly in them not long ago! So not yet. Plus I'm pretty sure mom isn't ready for cloth. Not sure she ever will be. But yeah, I don't use them anywhere but home during the day so far, just b/c he's too small still and they tend to leak a little. Actually they've only leaked once, and he was laying on his side with me. So I guess his winky went with him haha. They look so cute on!



See what I mean??? Just the cutest thing. :)

I have some new pictures of him smiling, I'll have to upload them later though. Too lazy! :D Plus don't want to disturb my sleeping angel who's napping in my lap. I love my cuddlebug! <3


Anonymous said...

I wish everyone knew how awesome 7 1/2 pounds is! Let's celebrate! :) You're doing a wonderful job with him. I always want to tell you that but it just slips my mind when we get together cos we all just ramble on about whatever. :) I always feel so refreshed after being around you. Thats why I hate missing out on being with you & Sabrina. I wish we could be work at home moms. That'd be cool. Then we could ALWAYS be with our babies and hang out whenever and spend ridiculous amounts of money on cute diaper things! ;} and YAY for blogging!! I loove reading blogs. So you've gotta update like at least once a week ! haha love you!

sheila riannon said...

Haha, AND I just saw this too! I think the email I have this set up with is one I dont check lol. I'll try to keep up with it better!!! We love you! And I would LOVE to be a SAHM. :)