Friday, January 8, 2010

Maybe a diagnosis?

Well not sure, but it's looking more and more like Alagille's syndrome. We went to the cardiologist the other day (9 lbs 6 oz btw!), and they determined the reason for his heart murmur to be peripheral pulmonary stenosis. Right now it's not really bothering him at all, but they're going to watch him very closely to make sure that it stays that way. So the possibility of heart surgery is still there for the future, but for now he's fine. And his liver problems have seemed to pretty much plateaued.The bilirubin has quite rising, and maybe even has dropped some. His liver enzymes however have continued to go up, so liver damage is still present. :/ But anyway, since he has that heart condition and the liver problems, the cardiologist said that it makes her very suspicious of Alagille's. I guess it's nice to POSSIBLY have a diagnosis, but I was hoping it wasn't this. If it is in fact that, I need to get tested to see if it's my gene that did this. I hope not. I hope to never put another kid through all of this.

Anyway, he is getting so big! I mean, no where near where a five month old usually is, but compared to where he started at, it's amazing. :) He's such a little sweetheart. And he's starting to interact with strangers more. Normally he wouldn't smile or anything around people outside of family. I'm sooo glad he's starting to.

I started him on solids. The first day he loved it, but after that, not so much. :( I've been trying every morning, but still not much enthusiasm. Maybe he's not really ready yet. Just all of his doctors have told me to start him, so I did. Ugh, and I still haven't went to get him vaccinated. I don't really want to do it. I just think it's weird that a lot of people that I know have had theirs vax'd, and have been sick. Blake isn't, and hasn't even had a cold. Stella isn't, and she hasn't been sick either. Coincidence? Maybe. But his doctors urged it, since he's got all these other problems, and his pediatrician isn't one to push vaccinations, so I'm guessing it's really important that I do it. Nothing about motherhood is going as I planned. But I'd never trade Blake in for the world.

He's almost sitting up on his own. :) SO close! OH, and yesterday Blake saw Stella and they were just smiling and smiling at each other, so so soooo precious. I wish I got a picture! Speaking of pictures, I did get him some 4 month/Christmas pictures done. :) Check them out!

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