Tuesday, May 19, 2009

26 weeks! :D

i know, i know, i've been slacking a lot. just been so busy trying to get this new car so i can not put carseat in my bug haha. but blake's been getting bigger and that's awesome. for a couple of days he found my sciatic nerve and had lots of fun kicking it...well, fun for him, NOT for me lol. that hurt. a lot. i'm just glad he tired of that habit quickly. :)

i think tonight i finally had my first braxton hicks contraction! well first one i noticed lol. i didn't really feel much, just i thought i felt a little something, assumed that maybe he just moved or something, but when i touched my belly it was hard all over, like more than i think he would be able to cover. so that's cool! :)

he's so cute. a few nights ago i stuck a reese's peanut butter cup on my belly and was telling blake to kick it, and he did! he couldn't kick it off, but it was fun watching it bob up and down. he pretty much kicks at anything on my belly. for example, i have one of those bebe' sounds prenatal listeners (haven't found his heart beat yet though), and no matter where it is, he kicks right at the receiver. i had it up by my belly button, and he started kicking at it, so i moved it down closer to around my pubic bone, and without missing a beat he started kicking there too. he's just so smart lol, so now it's kinda a game we play. i like to kind of have an interactive game to play with him before he's even born. haha the other day i said "okay blake, if you want mommy to get this new car, kick me!" and sure enough he started kicking me! i was like whoa! lol i love it. :)

ahhhh one more week until my 4D ultrasound! it's so exciting! i can't waitttt. i just can't believe that i'm this far along already. i like pregnancy a lot. :)

and now for the 26 weeks picture, or six and half months...how ever you're counting! it looks smaller than the 24 week pic, but that's mainly b/c i ate a lot on that day, and not as much today. enjoy!

26 weeks :D

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