Monday, May 31, 2010

10 months!

I cannot believe that Blake is ten months old today! Where has the time gone? And what a past month it has been. So much has happened! In the past month my little boy has learned to crawl, gotten his first two teeth (the two bottom middle ones), shakes his head yes and no (though mostly no...haha), says "uh uh," gives me high (well, low) fives, I think he's saying "dog," Andrea and Mom have heard him say "thank you" after they blessed him for sneezes (two separate occasions), he gives me what I think are (very slobbery) kisses on the cheek, and he's learning to share a little. He also loves to climb any and everything. In fact, typing this blog is proving especially hard, since he's crawling all over me and the computer, just being too much help. :)

The other morning, my mom had gotten him in the early morning when he woke up, and later laid him on my chest. He started crawling up to my face (he likes to get super face to face with me), and she said "Do you love your mommy?" and he nodded his head yes. Best wake up ever. :)

About a week ago he was eating a banana out of his little mesh feeder thing, sitting on my lap, and he tried to feed me some of it, then he'd eat some, and he'd try to feed me some, and did this for a while. That was the first time he's ever shared! And it was with me! :) Now days he doesn't care about baby food at all. He just wants to eat our grown up food. It's cute, but since he kind of gags for most solid foods, that doesn't always end too well. He LOVES bananas though. SO MUCH.

Let's see, what else can he do? He can walk backwards only in his walker. He seems to understand a lot of what we say to him. Like earlier, I asked him if he was being silly and he said "uh uh." It was cute. :) Me and Blake actually play a game where he smiles and sticks his tongue out (his new thing...hehe) and shakes his head no and says "uh uh," and then I'll nod and say "uh huh!" and we'll go back and forth like that for a while. It's so sweet! He's just got such a cute personality.

He's grown a lot too. He's now around 13 lbs. :) Finally! And I can't believe that in two months, i'll be celebrating his first birthday! I really need to get on the ball with planning his birthday party. I pretty much know about what I'm doing, but not really in detail. I would go check everything out tomorrow before work, buy of course it's memorial day and everything that I want to do is closed. Boo! Oh well, maybe I can FINALLY do my FAFSA, since it's due by June. And while I'm at it, maybe I'll go ahead and apply for graduation, so I can officially have my associates. :)

I've been really into scrap booking lately. I'm glad that I've finally started to do it again. Even now, I'm only in about month five of Blake's life, so I guess halfway through! Haha. It's turning out pretty cute in my opinion though. :)

We go back to Gainesville on the 2nd of June. I'm pretty happy to be going back there, not so much for the trip, but more so because I'm hoping they will give me some meds to give Blake for his itching. I hope it works, I've heard it's a hit or miss. I'm not a big medicine person, but it's so hard watching him be so miserable and tear into himself like he does, I'll give him more medicine if it will help him. He goes back and forth between being in a super good mood all day and being just taken over with the itching. And those times are the absolute hardest, just because there's not a lot you can do for them. :(

And also, so sorry for not blogging in a while. I've just been in such a funk, I just don't feel like using technology. I just feel like closing myself off from the world for a while, just me and my baby. I watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants tonight, and just watching Lena spend time by herself in Greece seemed amazing to me. I want that right now. I want to just spend the days not worrying about anything but me and my baby. Not about work, not about chores, not about getting online. I just feel weird, like fed up with people. Not really anyone in general, I guess just having to be social. I think a lot of it is having to bow down to tourists at work. And then I'm a little stressed because I guess to get the apartments I want (well, am trying for, because that's all I can afford), I have to ask for child support. I do NOT want to do that. Seriously, that's enough to make me say never mind about the apartments period. But I need space. So badly. This house is so tiny, especially for as many people as we have crammed in here. And I'm so tired of working. I feel like all I ever do is work now, and I hate it. But gotta pay the bills. Know anyone who's hiring with good hours and pay? That'd be nice.

Mom wants me to just stay at home and save up for a house, which is very tempting. I want to buy a house so bad. And I think I want to get married. Not right now or anything, but I think I do one day. The only part I don't like is having to cater to someone else like that...for example, what if I want to paint the walls green, but he wants them blue? Then what would we paint them? I have ideas of what I want my house to look like once I have one, and Ray does too. The only problem is that they're not really the same ideas. But I suppose we'll work something out. :) Not saying that Ray and I are getting married, but he's the current guy and decided to use him as an example.

Well, since it's very late (or rather early!), I should get myself and Blake off to bed. Night!

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