Saturday, July 27, 2013

Seven months

Why is she already seven months old? This isn't fair, I want her to be my little baby forever. :( And what a handful she is! Into absolutely everything. Nothing is safe! She's learned that she can go to different rooms, so she is one traveling baby! Busy, busy girl. It's so fun watching her explore though. I love her sense of wonder.

I've also been really getting into wrapping lately. I bought a wrap and have been practicing with it. Sophia seems to like it too!

And I've been trying my hand at making things for her to wear. For example, for the Fourth of July I made both her and Jade matching festive tutus. I think they turned out pretty cute!

And then for one of my friend's wedding, I sewed up this bubble skirt for her the day of and tucked in a shirt she already had to give it a dress feel. I think it turned out pretty good too! It's a little bit big on her, but hey, room to grow! And we all know babies like to grow. The other day she weighed 17 lbs 3 oz and was 25.5". Where has my baby gone???

In other news, one of the reasons that I've been a little quiet on here is because we're trying to decide if we should move or not. We've been toying with the idea of moving to the Chattanooga, TN area since at least April, and now our lease here is just about up. Which means decision time is soon; should we stay or should we go?

I have mixed feelings on the subject. For one, I'm super excited to move, ready to leave this place behind, and can't wait to start on this adventure with my little family. We've heard from tons of people how beautiful it is there, and some natives that we've met have told us that the tourist season doesn't end, so you can always make money in the service industry. That'd be great, because only making money about three months out of the year pretty much stinks (to say it nicely). Although hopefully he won't even have to get a job like that, but just in case that's all that's available at the time, it's nice to know.

I think I'm mainly nervous because we haven't even visited the area. We don't have a place lined up to live. Nate doesn't have a job up there. We'd be going in completely blind basically, staying in a hotel until we could (quickly) find a place to live. I'd rather have some more security than that. Especially with having a baby. If it were just us, it'd be a little easier to deal. I just don't want to end up having to live out of our car.

The other thing is that I've never moved away from this area. I've never had to start over. I'd have no friends and no other family other than Nate and Sophia. I'm shy as it is, so I'm worried that it'll take a while to make any friends. But, I have started joining some crunchy mom groups on facebook trying to make friends, so that's a start. Looks like they have a group that meets up somewhat regularly and are pretty active in the community, so maybe I can make some friends there. I hope so, if we do the move!

Our lease is up this month (yes, as in days). But, we'd stay an extra month here, so we can finish getting our ducks in a row. Plus, I have family coming into town to meet Sophia and Jade, and that would be at the end of August/beginning of September, so we'd probably have to stay in a hotel for that time period. Fun? Not really looking forward to being homeless. Or moving. Moving house is NOT fun. It feels like we just did it not long ago, even though it's already been a year.

Although I'm nervous about the rather sporadic possible move, I do know that Nate has never failed to provide for us in whatever way that he can. He's definitely one to put his family first, and I absolutely love and appreciate him for it. Really, how did I get so lucky? But anyway, I trust him to know what he's doing, which hopefully he does. He wants this move SO bad, even more than I do. I guess we'll know sooner rather than later where this life path will take us though. I'll try to keep updating on here on what happens.


Lindsay Pavkovich said...

Chattanooga is SO beautiful! It's only 2 hours from us here in Huntsville and it's a really pretty drive! They have some really fun kid friendly places also. Take it from the queen of moving (we move every 9-12 months)- you'll meet tons of new people! I joined a FB group of Moms in the area who also don't vax their kids and they meet up and have play dates all the time. It's awesome!

Sheila Kelly said...
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Terri P. said...

You'll make friends, so quit worrying about that. I do think you should go visit it before you make your decision though...that could just be the timid side of me coming out...kind of like not buying the car before you test drive it. For example-you are a beach girl. You have had it there all of your life. What happens if you get to Chattanooga, and as beautiful as it is to VISIT, you are NOT a mountain girl? I don't mind VISITING the beach, but I don't ever want to live near one...I guess because I am not a beach girl (Bran on the other hand would build a house that floats if he could be ON the beach 24/7), I wouldn't want to move to FL or the outer banks no matter how beautiful they are to everyone else. See what I am saying? BUT-if I only went on what everyone else was saying, I'd be moving to the beach tomorrow... Just something to chew on. :-) I love Chattanooga and would move there in a heartbeat. But, I loved Asheville more and hope to GOD we can get there in the next few years. I vote for an exploratory mission!!!

Sheila Kelly said...

Lol that's actually one reason we're excited to move. We're soooo not beach people! The sand is annoying, too windy, don't like the waves....much prefer pools or rivers, etc. Nate figures we can just save the money we'd spend on visiting and spend it on moving. Plus he has a lot of family history here he would love to leave behind. He said of we absolutely hate it, we can move in a year. I doubt it would be back to here though.

Sheila Kelly said...

Oh good! We've only heard good things about the area from lots of people. And that's a ton of moving! Is it for work or do y'all just like to shake things up?