Monday, July 1, 2013

6 months

Sophia is now six and a half months, what? Seriously, where is this time going? And what a little ham she is. Too cute!

The most obvious milestone she's hit has been mobility. She can crawl, although not a pro yet, sit up on her own, and really get to anything she has her mind set on. She's been trying to pull up on EVERYTHING lately, and occasionally has success. Basically, she's successful whenever she's able to get a really good grip on whatever it is. I love that she's more mobile, since that means she's more able to entertain herself, but at the same time, I definitely have to watch her like a hawk. It's so sweet watching my little girl get around though!

She also LOVES her cousin. Well, babies in general. It's very cute watching her interact. She really likes holding hands with other babies, and just cheeses at them hardcore. What a little sweet heart!

Sophia holding hands with her little friend, Ambrose

Oh, and I've been trying a little bit of baby led weaning. The only thing I've really given her are red bell peppers that I roasted, and wow, she loved them! It was messy, but definitely worth it.

Eating a red bell pepper and loving it!

For Father's Day, (well, the Friday before, since Nate was off) we went to the beach as a family for the first time. Sophia loved playing with the sand, but the waves scared her, which I could see why. Also, the water was pretty chilly that day, so I wasn't exactly keen on taking her (or myself) in it!

Sophia at the beach with Mommy and Daddy!

Last week though, we went to a near by creek that has a man made lake attached, and that was sooooo nice. The water was a great temperature and calm, and Sophia just loved it. She had so much fun! Just a splashing, kicking mess. She's at such a fun age right now where she wants to experience everything. Anyway, I'm attempting to convince Nate that he needs to take us there for the 4th of July and cook out, since they have grills and everything up there. He was able to get his night shift picked up, and I don't think he's opposed to the idea. Guess we'll find out soon enough!

Sophia and I swimming in the creek

The day before yesterday I attended a babywearing workshop. It was so informative, and I finally got to really play around with wraps. I have probably the sweetest mama friends ever, and a friend of mine leant me a wrap of hers that she hasn't been using. In the meantime, I sold a couple of carriers that I wasn't really using anymore to fund a wrap of my own, so I'm thinking maybe I'll get it Wednesday. I hope so! I'm so excited! It's a different size than the one I'm borrowing, but that's probably a good thing, since I've found that one is a kind of awkward length for me. I keep ending up with long tails that aren't quite long enough to wrap a second time and tie, so they're left hanging. That one is a 6, and the one I ordered is a 4. Sophia loves being wrapped though, and it's super comfortable. I also have a ring sling that I love, but I think I've been wearing that too much, and my shoulder has been getting a little sore. I don't have that problem when I use a carrier with two straps though! And for short trips it's still not bad. And it's handy to be able to just throw into my bag to always have.

I updated the blog a little last night; hope y'all like the new cover image! Because I'm pretty sure I love it.

Sophia sitting pretty after picking out her own bow

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