Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Just a random Wednesday blog

It's crazy how much things change over time. While some things I've always wanted (breast feeding, for exampe), others have developed over time. Such as cloth diapers. While I was pregnant with my first I thought the idea of cloth diapers was gross. But then some of my friends were getting into them, so I started researching online and just fell in love. Never looked back! I used to not care for the way woven wraps looked. Now I'm loving them! Maybe I'm just plain turning into a hippie. I'm okay with that!

Another thing that has changed in the recent years is the home I see myself in a few years from now, when I'm all settled in and don't plan on moving for a LONG time, if ever. I used to see a house in a neighborhood with a perfectly manicured lawn and all the bells and whistles. I guess similar to where we're living now, but nicer. And with a nice lawn. And no neighbor kids across the street who keep deciding to throw rocks on our roof and play in our yard and bounce balls off of our garage door. Anyway, these days when I picture it, it couldn't be more different. Well, I suppose I would still like to live in a nice house with ample room for everyone, but even more than that I see land. A decent amount of land with food growing and some animals (I'm seeing goats and chickens, maybe sheep just because why not?), a line to dry clothes on weather permitting, lots of space for our kids to play, and no close by neighbors.

The idea of living so far away from other people used to legitimately scare me; now I couldn't want anything more. I think if I were single and alone, the idea would probably still scare me some, but I'm not. I would love to grow our own food that's not GMO, have fresh air to breathe, fresh eggs, maybe fresh goat milk (haven't tried it, so I'm not sure). I would actually like to cut out milk all together and go with almond milk. But I receive WIC for now, and they provide about a million gallons of milk, so no sense in wasting it. I halfway wonder if that's why my eczema has flared up a lot recently actually. Could be.

I want to make our own bread fresh. I want to make everything from scratch myself. This coming from someone who has never really cooked much. The only thing I wouldn't care for is preparing meat. I'm picky about what meat I'll eat to begin with, but preparing raw meat...just eww. I could easily be a vegetarian! Good thing Nate isn't bothered by it. And also good thing, he's totally on board with alllll of this. I love it, and I love him. We're so good for each other to have, it's crazy.

In other news, Sophia is definitely getting around and into everything! She was playing in her room this morning and I walked away for a second to do something. It wasn't very long, but when I walked back in she had crawled over to her dresser, pulled out the bottom drawer, and was using it to pull herself to standing. Also today she has been putting her feet flat on the floor and sticking her butt up in the air, like in a downward dog position (yoga). It's so funny! But I feel like she could be working on standing up herself. Strong little lady!

Also today, her Aunt Andrea and her five kids came over to visit. Most of her kids had never met Sophia, so everyone was excited. Except Sophia. She was so overwhelmed by so many new strangers, and she pretty much fussed the whole time. I felt so bad! For both Sophia and her Aunt and cousins. I'm sure they probably think she's an unhappy baby, but I promise she's not! Right after they left, she was back to being all happy and smiles. Stinker.

Oh! And Nate got his night shift for tomorrow covered! So we can FINALLY spend a holiday together! This is the first one all year; every other holiday he has been a double. But of course, it's supposed to rain, so I'm not entirely sure what we're doing, but I'm just glad we'll get to spend it together.

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