Saturday, November 2, 2013

10 months

Okay, sorry once again for the delay! It's been pretty hectic here, and haven't really had AMAZING internet connections, so it's sort of hindered my ability to post!

First off, we moved! We finally did it! Made it out of Florida and into Tennessee! And I've got to say, we all love love love it! The weather is nice (well, a little on the chilly side for me, but both Nate and Sophia love it), less mosquitoes, and it's sooooo beautiful! So far we've found a house to live in and are pretty much all moved it, but Nate is still looking for steady work. He's been hired as an actor at a comedy club, which is awesome since he wants to get into stand up, but the pay isn't much. You got to start somewhere! He'll also be waiting tables some nights there, which pays pretty well, but the place is only open weekends and I have a feeling it won't be super often. Outback is looking promising though and they're doing new hires starting the beginning of this coming week, so hopefully it's soon!

When I said we're pretty much all moved in, I mean we're all the way minus the TV stand area and dining area. When we moved we sold our current dining set (was given to us free and we're crazy about it), and we haven't bought a new one yet. Waiting for cash flow to come in so we don't spend ALL of his savings in a few short months! TV stand wise, we bought one, but we're giving it a make over. We found a mostly real wood one at an antique store for a good price, so we've been working on sanding it down and then painting and staining it. I can't wait to see how it turns out! We've both really been working on it together, and it's been fun. We make a pretty good team!

Anyway, enough about that and onto Miss Sophia! I can't believe she'll be a year in only a month and a half! She's getting so big! She took her first few steps on October 15th, the day after turning 10 months. I think she probably would have done it sooner if we tried! But with the move going on and all the packing, unpacking, it was so busy and she was pretty clingy through the whole process (understandable). She's definitely not walking alone full on yet, but if we're holding one or both of her hands she's pretty fast! That's her favorite mode of transportation right now! She's really getting pretty steady with only one hand being held, so I think it'll be soon that she won't need any hands being held! Now if only we could get her to wear shoes. Not that she needs them inside the house, but walking outside I definitely want her to wear some! But, she always points her toes while wearing them and always manages to get them off some how. Stinker! Also, we recently got her a rocking chair of her very own. It matches Nate's that he got from his dad! Pretty much the cutest thing ever. EVER.

Lately she shakes her head no for everything. It's too cute! And she's so into dancing. It's so sweet! Anytime music comes on she starts dancing. We love it! She says mama and dada a lot too, but I don't think she always means it for us. I'm pretty sure she does sometimes though! For example, my mom watched her while we went to a Halloween party last weekend, and during that I guess she had a few moments of fussiness and she went "mama, dada!" during it. How heartbreakingly cute! So sweet she missed us. We missed her too! It felt so weird being alone without her.

Speaking of Halloween, her first one was really uneventful. We dressed her up in Halloween themed colors, but nothing costume-wise. That's the day we got the TV stand, and we also put some money down on a tiny rocking chair for her. It's so cute! We're thinking that can be one of her birthday presents. I've been working hard planning her party too, and I think I have all the details worked out! Now to just buy everything (the not fun part). It'll be nice to FINALLY get to throw one though!

Well I suppose that's about all that's really been happening here! I'll leave you with a super cute photo of Sophia and Daddy rocking together.

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