Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day! Wow has time flown. Really, I mean where is it all going? I feel like I blink and a whole month goes by. Is that normal? Probably in mom-land.

Anyway, it was nice to finally be able to celebrate Mother's Day again. As an active mom. Hard to believe it's been three years since I've been able to, isn't it? I actually didn't really celebrate too much today; Nate had to work, so I guess we're celebrating tomorrow. I'm not sure how exactly we're celebrating, since he says he has a surprise, and I have a feeling that I know what the surprise is. Not 100%, but he's not the best at keeping secrets, and he's been egging me on to guess (I haven't, and I know it's eating away at him to tell me). If it's what I'm thinking, then I'm excited for sure! Whatever we do tomorrow though, it'll be nice to spend time together as a family and outside of the house (grocery shopping doesn't count).

Today, however, didn't really start out great. Sophia decided to wake up at 6:30 this morning, while she normally wakes up usually between 7:00 and 8:00. So, I'm exhausted from less sleep, and as I made my way into the living room after giving her a change, I see something on the couch. What, I wasn't sure, thanks to me not wearing my contacts, so I get closer to investigate. Two words: cat puke. Thanks Gus. I've never seen Gus throw up or found his vomit anywhere, but he chose today to break that lucky streak. So I got to kick my morning off with cleaning that up, always fun. Glad I have a strong stomach. Sophia wasn't much for napping either, and Nate wasn't much for doing anything other than sleeping until 10:15 when his alarm went off to get ready for work. So, I didn't get any help out of him until after he himself had gotten all ready for the day and such. So, annoying start to my day, but it got better from there. The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

I did make my mom (well, his too, but slightly different) this little Mother's Day gift:

DIY glitter jar, kisses, and homemade card

Let's see, what's new with Sophia. Well, at around four and a half months, she was 14 lbs even. Getting so big! Still small, but still a growing girl! She sits much better these days too. She will still topple every once in a while, so I'm not comfortable just walking away while she's sitting, but she's definitely having less falls than she used to. She also rolls both ways now, though doesn't do it all that often.

I recently got the walker we had for Blake out for her to try, and we have a fan. She's all about playing in it. Don't get me wrong, eventually she's over it just like with anything else, but it's soooo nice. I can unload the dishwasher in the mornings while she plays happily nearby where I can watch her. I can cook a quick meal and keep her safely away from all things hot. Sometimes, I can even eat a meal and use BOTH of my hands! I know, quite the luxury.

Totally in love with the walker

I've also recently gotten up the courage to try to carry her on my back in the Beco carrier we have. And what a new lifesaver. I can do so many household chores while toting her along and without having to work around a growing baby sticking out the front. Honestly though, my favorite carrier has been my ring sling. Love it so so so much! Why have I not owned one of these things sooner?! Well, I know why. My very first carrier I ever had (with Blake) was one of those pouch slings. For one, I think I needed a smaller size, and for two, I hated that thing. It was so uncomfortable to wear, and he never felt supported in it. So, that's what I was picturing the ring sling to feel like. Boy, was I wrong! It's so fast (I'm lazy), easy, and cute! Plus I can dress like a human again, and people can see! And it fits in my diaper bag easy peasy, so I can have it with me all the time. You seriously never know when you're going to need it, and I'm definitely one of those "just in case" type of people. You know, the kind that likes to keep many random items in tow just in case. Because as soon as you leave said item at home, that's when you end up finally needing it, even though you haven't the past four months you've been carrying it. Is that just me? Anyway, Sophia also loves the ring sling, so an added bonus. Plus, she's definitely a cuddly baby, and I love when she falls asleep in it, and she's all cuddled with me and her chest is on my shoulder (I usually do the hip carry in it). Oh, it's love. It's so much love, that my sweet friend Kate made me a shorty wrap, sewn and dyed herself, and I've yet to REALLY get a good use out of it. I feel bad, because it's so darn cute, but I've just been too lazy to wrap! That on top of me sucking at wrapping, since that is officially the first woven wrap I've owned, I'm just not motivated. I need to get on that. Besides, I could do a wrap that's just like the ring sling. I just need lots of practice!

Lately, I'm so over wrap style covers. She always puts up a fight for getting them (and any diaper) on, and it's getting harder to get a good fit because of it. Her legs are either scrunched up, or straightened and flexed, pulling the diaper down with them. Plus, Since around the time that she was four weeks old, I've been battling diaper rash. It hasn't really been extreme, but still, I don't want ANY! I've switched detergents several times, thinking that had to be it, used all sorts of creams, switched to disposables for a day, nothing was working. And I was told by a couple of medical professionals (including her pediatrician) that it didn't look like yeast. It'd start to go away during the day, but would all come back at night, and I'd have to start over. Well, I did even more research, and found some babies are soooo sensitive to synthetic materials that they can't use them at all. At that point, a light bulb lit. Her night time fitted diapers had microfiber in them. They were covered with bamboo terry, but still, I wondered. During the day I pretty much always use prefolds. What can I say, I love them! So, I cut out the microfiber and did a larger prefold with a hemp doubler, and guess rash! Woo! It was gone until I used a doubler that contained microfiber one night in a pinch...bad idea, but at least it proved that she is in fact sensitive to it. The rash is pretty much all gone again, but it's amazing how many diapers use microfiber. Back to the cover issue though, I've been getting interested in wool, a lot. That same sweet friend, Kate, leant me a wool cover to test out so I could see how I liked it, and I AM ADDICTED. It's so soft, so breathable, so CUTE. Even Nate really likes it, and is willing to help fund the switch (once we have more cash flow...hellllllo summer!). Plus I love that it's all natural. And she doesn't fight the cover. In fact, she seems to like it!

Sophia in an XS sbish wool cover

I'm also in need of new prefolds. Her other ones don't fit anymore, besides the few huge ones we have that we use for over night, all folded down. I can only use the other current size she has trifolded, which works, but I prefer them snappied around her. I love bamboo, so I think I want to get some prefolds/flats that contain it. So, trying to decide between bamboo/cotton prefolds, or bamboo terry flats. I guess I'll just have to get some of both and then decide! I definitely want some of both though! Any suggestions? Oh! I've also gotten a little better at pinning diapers too. :)

Sophia in a diaper I pinned (and made!).

Well, I think that's about everything. Can't believe she's about to be five months! Hopefully the next update isn't in another month! I'll also try to get a "What's in my diaper bag" post up really soon, maybe even the next post. Until then!

Kisses, or sneak attack?

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