Friday, May 31, 2013

Exciting day!

Why is my little girl almost six months old? That's just crazy! A couple of weeks ago, I weighed her at the birth center, and she's a whopping 14 lbs, 15.5 oz, fully clothed and diapered. What?! She's still pretty petite though; definitely not considered to be a "big" baby. So what has she been up to this month?

Well, she full on laughs now. It's true, she finds my hair pretty hilarious. I guess most of society would too during the times she does. #glammomlife. Is it inappropriate to use hashtags while not on instagram or twitter? Probably. But anyway, it's so darn cute! Now for the story of how she even came to laugh loudly.

I had been just making her laugh her usual way, which is quiet, but definitely a laugh. My Granny had sent me a video that featured a dad and his quadruplets (holy wow), where he was being silly and they were all four just cracking up. As she watched it, I couldn't tell if she was concerned or amused. Either way, she watched it very intently. So after that video, I went back to trying to make her laugh, and she started laughing and squealing like crazy. It's like she watched the video and thought, "Oh, this is how I'm supposed to laugh!" What a smart little girl. :)

Also, as of yesterday, she started getting up on her hands and knees! Woo! It won't be long before she's crawling. Then I'll really really have my hands full! I can't believe how grown up she's getting. And then today, she was on her hands and knees (as I sat her down she got into that position), and she proceeded to get herself into a sitting position, on her own. So crazy! 

And now for some more super exciting news, my sister is in labor! Wooooo! I wanted to mention that she was pregnant so bad on here, but she kept it quiet for a good while, so I obliged to her wishes. I can't wait though! The last I heard as I'm typing this was that she's 8 1/2 cm, so not too much longer! Can't wait to meet little Jade! I did some maternity photos for her too. Here are some of my favorites from that shoot! I'm planning to take some more of her once she's finally here. :) I know I'm technically already an aunt, since I married into it, but this is the first time I really FEEL like an aunt! More to come soon!


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