Monday, May 13, 2013

What's in my diaper bag?

I finally did it! And I also finally FILMED a video! Well, I've filmed plenty of Sophia, but not really vlog-style ones. Even though I'd like to, but I'm not super sure of myself on camera yet. So, I played it safe and started out BEHIND the camera! Haha. So, if you don't feel like reading pretty much everything I say on the video, feel free to just watch the video at the end of the post! Enjoy!

So to start out with, I have the Skip Hop Versa bag in black. I really wanted a bag that was functional but didn't really have the look of a diaper bag. I loved the classic black bag look with gold hardware (and Sophia seems to, too!), and the bright blue interior. Really makes it easier to find things! And I like blue. And bags that have fun, slightly unexpected interiors. Anyway, I really have been enjoying this bag, and the fact that I got it on sale was even better!

So, moving on. I guess I'll start on the back. The only thing I have in the back zipper pocket is the changing pad the bag came with. Nothing too exciting. I made a couple of changing pads to go in my diaper bags that were softer and squishier, but they don't fit as smoothly into that pocket as that one does, so I just make due. In all reality, I haven't really had to change her in public restrooms too often (I try to avoid it if I can), and so I haven't had to use the pad much. Don't worry though! I still use the pads I made plenty for when she's having "nakey time" or for the bed to catch leaky milk. :)

Clear Correct braces case

Next are the two open front pockets. I almost called them "open to air" pockets. Oh nursing school, what have you done to me? Anyway, in the left one all I keep in there is my braces case, in case I need to remove them to eat or something. In the right side, I normally would keep my phone, but since I wasn't going anywhere today, I didn't have it in there.

Notebook: Target. Sunglasses: Relic from TJ Maxx. 
Pouch: American Eagle

Now for the two side zipper pockets. These are kind of "my" pockets, since the whole inside of the bag is dedicated to her. I'm so not up to carrying around a second bag just for my things, so I find a way to cram everything into one bag. It's really not hard actually. Especially since we're still EBFing. Anyway, we'll start with the left pocket. I have a pouch, sunglasses, and a notebook. In the video below, this pouch isn't in there, but that's because I recorded it a few days ago and decided I wanted a pouch to help contain my stuff. And I didn't feel like redoing the video, since my computer isn't updated enough to post videos to youtube these days. SO that's why I took the video with my iPhone. And I know I can easily take notes on my iPhone, but I love having a notebook. There's just something so satisfying about writing lists/notes/etc. out. Fun fact: I've kept a diary since the first grade. Can you tell I love to write? I still have a separate diary I write in outside of blog world. You learn something new everyday, eh?

Inside of the pouch there is a random assortment of items. I have a fold up brush/mirror, EOS lotion, emory board, tape measure, pen, mints, and a little plush thing that my youngest sister, Cheyne, made for me a few Christmases (is that how you spell that?) ago. I just tend to carry it around with me.

Wallet: Vera Bradley. Lanyard: Vera Bradley. 
Wristlet: Pretty sure it's a Coach knockoff.

On the other side, I have my wallet, my keys on a lanyard, and yet another pouch that wasn't featured in the video. I decided that I wanted to start carrying around some hair ties, bobby pins, and diaper pins with me, so that's all that's in there. Not very exciting, so I didn't take a detailed photograph of that. I like to keep my keys on a lanyard just because it's easy. Easy to carry around, easy to find in the bag, just easy. This one I've had for years, so that's why it looks filthy. I really should wash it, but there you go. My wallet is one that my husband got me for Christmas, and I love love love it. I used to have it in a different print for years, but it was getting a little tattered looking. Still useable, by all means, but I was eyeing this one.
First aid kit: Target. Tissues: Kleenex. Hand Sanitizer: Bath & Bodyworks. 
Lip balms: Chapstick and Burt's Bees. 

Next is the little pocket up top. It actually is a lot bigger than what it appears! In this I keep a mini first aid kit (basically just band-aids and alcohol swabs), a pretty much empty tissue pack, sensitive Wet Ones, hand sanitizer, and two lip balms (one tinted, one not). Not bad for that tiny pocket, right?

And NOWWWWW for the inside! Inside there are four pockets, and then the big, open middle space. I guess I'll start with the left rear pocket and work my way clockwise.

Receiving blanket: Carters. Burp cloth: homemade.

In this pocket I keep a burp cloth and a receiving blanket. This is just a cheapie one  from the store. I don't really care for these as blankets, since they're not that big and not that soft, but I really like them for impromptu play mats! I always like having a clean surface for Sophia to play on, and this will always provide it for her. Well, until she's mobile. Then it'll provide it for her until she sees anything else (everything else) that she wants to play with and takes off. Anyway, I go to play dates often  and a little mommy and baby meeting weekly, so this sees a lot of use!

Wipes case: Pampers. Wet bag: Bummis.

The next pocket over I keep her wipes and wet bag. The wet bag is only there while it's empty; with a diaper inside I don't think it'd fit in the pocket, or at least I don't feel like trying to make it, so it then will just go in the middle compartment. This is actually just her wipes case also; I use cloth wipes and just put them in as I'm leaving out the door. I know some people just have a spray bottle of wipe solution and a dry wipe, which works too, but I have a wipes warmer for her, so this way they're pre-moistened and ready to go. I've done both methods and prefer it this way!

I think both are by Infantino. 
They were Blake's, so it's been a long time!

This pocket contains her toys. These are two that I tend to keep in there all the time, but I'll usually add another toy in there (i.e. Sophie the giraffe, since she loves that thing). Just whatever she's been loving at the moment. So needless to say, this pocket changes up often. In fact, I think it might be slightly different than the video as well. Ahh, the life of a mom!

Leg warmers: homemade. 

This last pocket is just where I keep her change of clothes. Right now all that's in there are a pair of baby leg warmers, but usually I'll have a bodysuit or shirt or something in there as well. But, she wore that last night while at her Grandma's, so I just hadn't replaced it yet.

Comfy Joey linen ring sling.

And last, but certainly not least, we have the main compartment. First thing you'll see is my ring sling. We're talking my baby wearing nirvana here. Can't believe it took me so long to try these out, but so glad I finally did. And it's so nice how it easily fits into my diaper bag too. Love it!

Softbums Echo cover with a flat diaper pad folded inside.

The only other thing I carry in the middle are her diapers. I don't have any in there now, since we aren't going anywhere today, but this is what a set up might look like. Pretty easy!

And that's about it! Hopefully your nosey streak has been satisfied! :)

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