Sunday, April 14, 2013

4 months!

Where has the time gone??? I can't believe my sweet Sophia is officially 4 months old today! And can't believe how much I suck at blogging consistently (okay, yes I can). It's just when she's asleep, I have a ton of things to do (aka, cleaning), and by the time I'm finished, in the event I actually get to finish, she's already awake again. Maybe someday I'll get into a better routine. Maybe. :)

Anyway, let's see what's new. She's so close to sitting on her own! She actually can for periods of time, but I'm definitely not comfortable enough with her sitting abilities to not keep my hands close by in case of a topple. She can ALMOST roll over onto her belly from her back. And that being said, she's apparently taken a sabbatical on rolling from her belly to her back. I'm not sure why, because from 8 weeks on she used to do it all the time, but now she's just stopped. I'm not really too worried about it though, I know she'll figure it out again. And maybe it's just that she doesn't want to be on her back anymore. She's definitely enjoying her tummy time tons more than what she used to. Probably because she's getting stronger and had no problems playing with her toys that way. And she's a scooter. If she's on her back (especially when she's naked) she scoots all over the place. Pretty darn cute. :) And even on her belly, she's managing to scoot a little bit these days. She still hasn't gotten onto her hands and knees or anything just yet. She loves to grab. Anything in her reach, she wants. Glasses. Cups. Cans. Faces. Toys. Phones. She's not picky. :) She's so silly, she seems to think she can just do one big crunch and magically sit up. That's what she tries to do anyway. Did I mention she's just precious?

And oh my gosh, is she ever growing like a weed. It feels so odd to me, having a baby really GROW. In pants, she's been in size six months since near the beginning of last month. Same with her sleepers. I feel like she almost skipped the size three month in pants. Her legs are the culprit, they're so long! She's still short for her age, but in proportion, they're long. Ballerina? :)

And, I'm afraid to say, but I have slacked off on the photos. I got to week 13, and then...well I'm not sure, I guess things just got busy, and on days we weren't busy, it'd be storming or cloudy. So, I think I'll just do monthly photos instead (much easier to keep up with!) and just make the book from that. It'd be better I think, because a 52 page book would NOT be cheap! Plus it will be easier to think up milestones for the month as opposed to just by the week.

Let's see, what else. Oh, her eyes are still a beautiful blue, just like her daddy's. :) Also, we're toying with the idea of moving MAYBE to Tennessee. Not sure though. We're going to try to visit it next month, if the funds are available. Also, since my sister (Cheyne) finally announced it, I can too: I'm going to have a little niece next month! Her name is Jade! And I'm so excited to meet her. I love babies, and I love that Sophia will actually have a cousin near her age to play with, even if it's just for visits.
Sophia at Cheyne's baby shower

Hmm, I think that's probably about it. As far as me and Nate, things have been good. Nothing really exciting going on besides the possible trip and loving on our sweet girl. I'm just glad that I've married such a great man and even better daddy. :)

Happy Easter!

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