Tuesday, August 28, 2012

25 weeks

And once again, I've let far too much time elapse before updating this blog. What else is new?

Lets see. What has happened? Well, we're all moved into our house now, with NO roommates. Oh, life is good. Pretty much everything is set up, we've got pretty much all pictures hung, and for the most part everything has a place. Exciting! So I've pretty much have just been working on Ms. Sophia's room. Did I mention I'm nesting like crazy? Oh, and school is officially back in. Yay. :( At least it's my last semester, but still. I just want to take this time and prepare for baby some more. Without having lots of studying to do in the mean time. Oh well, hopefully it will be worth it when I'm graduated.

So like I said, I'm nesting. A lot. Last night I cleaned the entire house. I also painted (first coat) some wall hangings for Sophia's room. Other things I'm dealing with now include Braxton Hick's (actually a bit painful these days), waddling, my hips feel like they're being torn apart, and my lower back is killing me. You know, good times. I'm supposed to start seeing a pregnancy chiropractor, so I guess I should get on that. Hope it helps!

My main thing lately has been trying to figure out just exactly what I'm going to get for my newborn diaper stash. With Blake, I didn't really cloth diaper him right off the bat. But when I finally did, I fell in love. And I want to keep on doing it for Sophia. I still plan to make her some, but the ones I made were "one size" diapers, which generally don't fit newborns. I think I'm going to for sure get the gDiapers tiny G's, and use prefolds in them. I loved prefolds with Blake, which is nice because they are super cheap. But I also want to have a couple other AIO diapers too, so I'm thinking maybe buy a couple of BumGenius newborn AIO diapers for that. I already have quite a few doublers and such, but I've registered for a few more anyway, since I know I could use more. Plus I'm not sure how heavy of a wetter she will be. I'm really wanting to sew up some diapers right now though honestly. Especially since Isaac is "hitting" us right now and I'm out of school/work for the day, I'm going nuts with cabin fever. Plus Nate is sick today, so it's basically like I'm here by myself. All. Day. Long.

I think that's about it. Sophia is good, active as always. :) I guess I'll leave you with some pictures!

My 25 week bump!

Sophia's crib! I still need a crib skirt, but this is it so far.

The wall hangings I painted for her. They're drying now!

Her swing with a bib and a headband on it. I just liked the combination. :)

And that's about it. Until next time!


Sabrina Hlavaty said...

I LOVE that bedding!

sheila riannon said...

Thanks! I love it too! I got it when I was preggo with Blake haha