Sunday, May 13, 2012

9 weeks and dying!

Well, I'll be 10 weeks officially tomorrow, so figured I should probably hurry up and put in a blog post for week 9, since week 8 totally got skipped. Hmm, where to start.

Well, during week 8, I found out about the seaband. It's pretty amazing, when it works. It works for about a week, and then I guess it just gets stretched out and just stops. SUPER COOL. But, at least it does give me some relief without any medication, so I would say still worth it. :) And they're relatively inexpensive; $12 for a two pack at Walgreens. So, if you're battling morning sickness (or any nausea/vomiting), I do recommend this! But when it decides to not work, everything is back full force. I do mean FULL force. Yesterday was a lucky day where it decided not to work, and I threw up five times during the course of the day. It was really lots of fun, especially having to go wait tables like that from 3:30 until we closed. I really wish I could quit serving, I hate it so much, especially now. But it's a lot better money than retail, so I guess I'll just suck it up while I still can. I know I was sick with Blake, but not like this. I threw up a handful of times, but not like this.

In other news that doesn't involve puking, I am also soooo much bigger this time around. Not an exaggeration. I've literally popped! Out of no where! This was me earlier this week:


As you can see, I am still bigger than what I was with Blake, but still not big. But then, I wake up Thursday and find THIS.


Would someone like to tell me where all this is from? And my boobs are still growing. A lot. My DD's have long since been too small, but I can't find any DDD's/E's, so I've been making due. Did I mention I'm only nine weeks? Everyone at work are saying TWINS. Which don't run in my family BTW, or Nate's for that matter, not that the guy's side has anything to do with it. Nate is hoping for twins, he thinks it would be cool. Which, it would, but wow. Two babies at once! The ring test is actually saying twins now too. If I hold it over the middle of my belly, it goes from a circle straight to a line (boy/girl twins). On my right side, it says boy, on my left side it says girl. Crazy huh? I've also heard that if you give the chain directions, it can answer yes/no questions. I tried it, and it's eerie! I asked some simple questions first, like is my name Sheila, am I pregnant, was the last thing I drank water, etc. All of those were correct (I made sure to ask some questions with no answers between them). So then I asked if I was pregnant with twins and it said yes, asked if I had one baby in my belly, and it said no, asked if there were two boys, no, two girls, no, a boy and a girl, yes. Whoa if it's true! It would explain why I'm so big this time though and why I've been so sick. I guess we'll see though! My first appointment with my midwife is May 24, so next Thursday. :) Unfortunately, no ultrasound. :( But at least we will be able to hear the doppler heartbeat (or heartbeats!), and I'll take what I can get. Hopefully if it is twins we'll be able to hear both heartbeats.

Oh! More important news! I'm engaged! :D Nate asked me April 30. Super happy! And so in love.

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