Tuesday, May 15, 2012

10 weeks!

So far my bracelet has started working again, so thank goodness for that. I've been feeling pretty okay lately. Today I actually felt a bit like I was going to throw up. I was in the OR for my rotation, and I never imagined how HORRIBLE bone being cauterized smelled. Luckily I was able to not do that. How embarrassing would that have been? I was okay with the gore, but just that smell. Ick.

I may be crazy, but I SWEAR I can feel little movements every once in a while. Like flutters. Maybe I'm just wanting to feel them, since I know 10 weeks is early, but I started feeling Blake at 14 weeks. I guess I won't really know, but I really can feel something, and I don't believe it's just gas bubbles.

And, may I also mention, that I feel HUGE. I don't look ginormous, just like I'm pregnant, but way further than 10 weeks. By a landslide. I can't wait to finally go to my prenatal appointment and see how many heartbeats she hears. If there are two in there, I really hope that she can hear them both! She's been doing it for years, so here's to hoping. I just feel so impatient! I know it's only a week from Thursday, but still. Ugh. So long! And I so wish she was doing an ultrasound. That alone almost makes me want to go to a doctor, haha. But, not enough, no worries.

Anyway, since not much else is going on this week (so far), here's my belly shot!


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Anonymous said...

EEEP!! Belly!!! love love love. You are so cute! <3