Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Meet Rylee :)

I got a hedgehog today! (Well, technically yesterday now). Her name is Rylee. :) She's so cute! When I first got her, she was super into exploring and all that, but since I got her home, she's super timid and had been sleeping a lot. :( I wanna play with her, but if she's sleepy then I don't want to wake her up. Plus maybe the change is a lot for her, so maybe I should just let her sleep for tonight. Either way, she's definitely a cutie. :)


I got the job at Gymboree, but I haven't started yet. But I also ended up getting a raise at Fuds, so I'm not sure it would really be worth the drive to San Destin now. So I'm thinking I might just tell Gymboree thanks, but no thanks. I also am officially applied to the dental assisting program. :) And holy cow, to get into the program is kinda cut throat! I still need to get CPR certified, which I'm signed up for a class on March 18th, and then I can get the letter inviting me to the program. And then I still need to get a physical and a dental check up before I can really get into the program. And a background check, which I can do as soon as I bring the paper work over to my mom's, since I can't do it through Safari. Booo! I also can't do my FAFSA on safari. Double boo! So I guess that means I need to go to my mom's soon to do all that. And then, once I get all that done, I have to sign up for this online summer course to secure my spot on the program. Basically I need to act fast, because they only accept 24 people in the program. Eek! I'm a little nervous about it, not gunna lie. Ugh. I just really want to get this program out of the way so I can have a better paying job. Please? I guess all I have to do besides get these things done is hope for the best.

Good news! My phone in fact didn't delete anything. :) My SIM card had just become dislodged. Probably from one of the many times that I have dropped it. Oops! But at least I figured it out. Haha.

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Melissa said...

Good luck on the dental assistant program. Did you get in???