Saturday, July 26, 2008

nine weeks five days?

ugh, so i'm not sure if i'm preggo or not. all that's missing is the skipped period and the positive hpt. yeah i know, i need to go get a blood test (i'm getting around to it). 

other than that, i seem to have it all.
sore boobs (that jumped from a B cup to about a D cup in a month and a half)
had some nausea but it hasn't been so bad recently
lower back pains
i have to pee a million times a day
acne is acting up
i've been way moody
earlier on i was having mild cramps
i've been super hungry
i've gained a bit of weight (i was a size 0, now i'm more like a 2 or 3 in pants. i've never gotten to that size. and i've been exercising at my dance class...)
i've been very tired lately.
lets just say my digestive system hasn't been willing to cooperate well with me. 
i've been bloated like crazzzzy. (it sucks)
and i guess i just "feel" pregnant (i suppose...i've never been preggo so i don't really know what it feels like, but i'd imagine it'd feel like this). 

yes, i've been having my "periods" still, but with the first one i spotted for two days before hand and then it seemed a little lighter than usual. then this second one was really weird. instead of being light, heavy, light, it was heavy (well not heavy, but the heaviest day was the first day) and then the second was a little lighter, and then the third, fourth and fifth days were wayyy lighter. i've been looking stuff up online, and found out about deciduous bleeding, and that sounds a lot like it. i've read that with that you tend to have it be heavy then trail off, and it happens because your hormones are all out of whack and a lot of times (because of your crazy hormones) you won't test positive on urine tests (or sometimes even blood tests...eek!). 

i just hope i get an answer soon. and honestly, i'm kinda hoping for positive results. =]

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