Tuesday, March 18, 2014

15 months

How in the world has another month gone by already??? I lose at the keeping-up-with-more-than-monthly-posts game. I think it's just because I spend my days stranded at home, just Sophia and I, and nothing too exciting happens. Living a glamourous life over here!

Anyway, the weather is finally starting to kind of warm up some. It's been in the low-mid 60s, and even though that isn't the mid 70s like Florida is getting, I'm glad it's not in the 40s. Baby steps! But, that means that on the warmer days that it's not raining, Sophia and I can spend some time on the back deck! Let's just say, she is quit the fan! She's so upset when we go back inside. Seriously, she plants her  feet down firmly, and when I go to pick her up to go in (since she's not moving) she turns her arms into noodles, trying to not get whisked inside. I can't wait until it's even nicer out and we can start going on walks in the nearby hiking trails. It's so pretty out that way.

Nate has really been enjoying his new job at the dealership. Which definitely makes me happy; something he likes to do and pays the bills? Yes please! With a lot of our tax return money, we bought him pretty much a new wardrobe of clothes, since he was seriously lacking in nice clothes and the ones he did had were basically hand-me-downs that didn't fit great. He really deserved it too, since in all our time together, I don't think I'd seen him ever get new clothes (except for shirts at the restaurant we worked at). He told me that he hated clothes shopping since he couldn't find things that fit well and he would just get frustrated and give up. We really hit the jackpot though! For one it was during President's Day, and the stores were having AMAZING deals. So now that he's actually had some great luck in finding clothes (and they look really nice on him!), I think he actually enjoys shopping. When we go to stores he always wants to check out the men's section too to see what they have. I've created a monster! Haha. But it's nice having him be more interested in it (since I happen to love shopping, even if not for me!). He didn't dress bad or dumpy before, he just didn't have anyplace to wear such nice clothes. So yeah, yay for that!

Sophia has been so so so into singing and dancing lately. It's pretty stinking cute! She loves to twirl around in a circle with a huge grin on her sweet little face. Sometimes she really gets into it though! Like does some moves that really look like they're from a lyrical dance. And she's always pointing her toes and such...I hope she enjoys dancing as much as I did/do! And she sings along with music, or if I'm singing to her, or sometimes just on her own. Just the sweetest thing! She doesn't watch much television (especially since we don't have cable), but I do have a Sesame Street DVD with an episode about the alphabet on it, and she LOVES it. I'll usually play it for her when I'm trying to unload the dishwasher (since otherwise she's trying to grab every single dish/glass in there, and I'd love to not sweep shards off of the floor and worry if she's cut up), and she's just so entranced. It has a lot of songs on it, and she dances and sings with all of them. And at the end there's a story about the letter "P," and when they're reading it she always goes "puh!" when they say a P-word. What a smarty!

We also turned her crib into a toddler bed the other night. We love it! It's so cute! We still bed-share, but I want to start having her take naps in there at least. The first day I was able to get her to nap in there, but only for about an hour. She only takes one nap a day normally, and that's really short for her. Usually it's about a two hour nap. Then the next day we were out and about still during nap time, so she napped in her ring sling and only for about thirty minutes and never went back to sleep. That wasn't such a fun evening! And then today I was just exhausted and napped with her on the couch, so maybe tomorrow I'll get back to work with the toddler bed napping.

I think pretty soon we're going to get a little potty for her and start working on that. She's so into copying everything we do lately,  and she's been holding her pee for longer amounts of time and going all at once. So, I think I'll put it in our bathroom and have her sit on it whenever I have to go, and maybe she'll pick up on the idea. I'm not going to push it since it's still pretty darn early for her to potty learn, but I don't think offering it will hurt. Plus, she loves sitting on little chairs sized for her (such as the rocking chair), so I don't think she'd mind. Especially with her diaper off? Her cup of tea.

Sophia also got to ride her first carousel ride! It was just a small coin operated one inside of a shoe store in the mall (yes, random I know), but I think she had fun! She looks a little uncertain in the picture, and I think she was, but after I'm pretty sure she decided that it was fun, as she kept running over to it and checking it out. 

As far as our trying to conceive goes, this month was a bust. Everything was perfectly timed (I've been charting my basal body temperature), but it just didn't happen. I'm not sure if we'll try again this month or not, since the due date if it did happen would be December 22, and I'd kind of rather each baby have their own month. Plus, having a winter baby (even in Florida) was pretty dang hard! It's a lot of work to bundle up a baby that tiny to go anywhere. But, then again, I probably won't really be going too many places at that age anyway, I don't think I went many places with Sophia at that point. I'm not sure, we'll see. If I decided to not have a winter baby at all, that'd mean holding off until June or July to start trying, and I'd really really like to not wait that long. I guess it'll happen when it's meant to happen, but I wish it were this month all the same. Hopefully soon!

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