Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things have been pretty steady

Sorry it's been about a million years since I've posted! I've just been pretty bogged down with work getting so crazy (at last, the slow period between spring and summer break is here!) and my classes getting ready to end soon. I've just been a busy girl!

So where to Blake has been about the same, still itchy and all, but I've noticed that lotion does help, so I've been trying to put that on him when he seems to get super itchy. And during baths and just after I've noticed that I have to put socks on his hands so he doesn't tear himself up. It's not that bad when he has clothes on, but as soon as they come out. Which I think is a little weird, but I guess whatever floats his boat. Also when i change his diaper his hands go straight down to his...erm..."junk" and just scratches the heck out of that area. :( So a lot of times I'll enlist in someone to hold his hands while I change his diaper, especially if it's a poopy diaper.

Oh! And Blake pulled himself up to standing on April 1st. Must have been his version of an April Fool's joke though, since he hasn't done it again. :( But he will stand if he can hold onto something...even though he doesn't always realize that he needs to hold on or else he'll fall over. So a lot of times, he'll hold on for a second, let go, balance for a millisecond, and then fall over and cry. He's thisclose to crawling. He crawled a couple what to call it, steps? last night on his knees finally. A lot of times he just either does the army crawl or does his little inch worm thing where he sticks his butt up in the air and then lays on his tummy, over and over. I just love his little arms! They're so muscular, probably from his army crawls. But yeah, baby boy definitely gets around! And he's still into absolutely everything.

Still no teeth to speak of. I started giving him biter biscuits to try to help his teething, which are okay until he gets a piece off into his mouth. After that he just gags and usually throws up a little bit. :( Even with mushy veggies, cheerios, anything he does that. Tonight I got some rice snack things (Baby Mum Mum, Vegetable flavor) and love them! They taste pretty good, and he thinks so too. :) They advertise no mess and easy to dissolve, and they're so right! The biter biscuits would be sooo messy, and these aren't. Plus they're individually wrapped (well, wrapped in twos), which is bad for the planet, but so convenient for throwing in the diaper bag. And he didn't gag on it! Well I take that back, he did once on a bigger piece he got off, BUT didn't throw up, and swallowed it! Yay! Maybe this could be his gateway swallowing food haha. But yeah, I'm sold!

Hmm, let's see, what else has happened in the past month. He went to the beach for the first time, but that wasn't anything too exciting. I made my first cloth diaper, and it turned out pretty cute I must say. :) I can't wait to make more, and I have so many ideas, but I think I need to be done with school before I jump into more of those, so I don't feel too guilty about putting in so much time into something that isn't school related (I've been slacking a LOT lately...not good!). My last final is May 1st, so after that! But yeah, I haven't uploaded the pics of that yet, so next post, I promise! I think that's about it. OH! I did buy some sweet pea seeds today to plant for my sweet pea. :) I don't feel I have the time this year to really jump into gardening full fledge, so maybe this can be my starter plant. Thanks to the afore mentioned Sabrina, I now know how to start them out. :) I love having friends with green thumbs!

Ray and I are still just amazing. It's safe to say I'm in love I believe. What's not to love? He's this awesomely sweet guy who cares for me AND Blake...oh he's just so great with Blake, I love watching them together. I don't want to get all mushy on this though about the sweet love story that just so happens to be my life at the moment, SO I'll just leave it at that. :D

And now it's picture time. Since I've been gone for so long, I'll leave you with a few pics of my beautiful babe. The second pic is the same as the third, but I cropped it so you could see him more in detail, since the smaller version just couldn't do the little man justice! A bigger version of the pic is best though, of course! It's such a cute pic, Jessica of Wonderlife Photography did such a good job!

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