Saturday, December 13, 2008

a miracle has happened

i'm pregnant! i'm really pregnant! i'm so excited. the day before yesterday i just had a feeling that i was so i took a test yesterday morning and it was positive! i freaked out. the only symptoms i've had were really sore/large boobs, and a few days ago i noticed a little spot of blood on my underwear, which i suspected (rightfully) to be implantation bleeding. =]

i've already told mom, she's really excited. i'm going in for a blood test on monday so they can start setting everything (appointments) up once it comes back positive. 

everything is happening so fast. the day before yesterday i found out that we got this two bedroom apartment that we had been looking at, and yesterday, besides finding out that i'm pregnant, we found out that ryan got this web design job that he had been trying for. i'm so happy.

but i think i'm gunna drop out of the radiography program. i've been having second thoughts anyway, but for the baby's sake as well i think it'd be better. i think i'm gunna go into accounting. =]

my eggo is preggo

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